Board Games for two Kids

There are many great board games that two kids can play. Of course you want to get a game that is appropriate for both of the children’s ages, so check this first. Consider the particular interests of the child when deciding which game to buy.


Monopoly is a classic board game that many children love. In this game children buy properties and then collect rent from the other players who land on them. Although more than two children can play this game, many children really enjoy getting monopolies, in which they buy all of the properties in a series.

The more children who play this game, the less likely it is that the child will get a monopoly, so your child might enjoy playing it with just one more person to increase the chances of monopolies. This game can last a long time. They also make a child’s version for young kids.


Scrabble is a great educational game in which children form words on a board. They will build upon their components, words, and they get points depending on the difficulty of the letters and the length of the words. Children can work on their vocabulary with this game.

Connect Four

Connect Four is a classic game that many children enjoy. It is easy to play. Children place color discs into slots to try to get four in a row.


Battleship is another classic game that is generally played with two children. Children place their ships on their board and the opponent has to guess where they are. This is a game of strategy.


Chess is a wonderful game for children of all ages. Of course, this game is meant for two players. This game of strategy can help children use their minds to think about the best plays. This game is played by all different generations and there are many chess clubs in schools. Children can improve as they play more and more, and the game can take hours to play.


A fun, easy game to play is checkers. Kids try to get rid of their opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. The one who has remaining pieces when all of the others are gone is the winner. They make many different versions of this game, including some that are branded with popular characters such as the Disney princesses.

There are many games that are good for two players. Even if the game can accommodate more, they are still often suitable for this amount. Children should play a variety of games for enjoyment and educational purposes.