Board Games that Teach Math

Teaching kids math through board games is a  great to get there attention on how fun learning could be and how easy. Some board games like “Monopoly”.”Monopoly” is a fun and easy way to teach how to add money,subtract money and keeping track of money.The board game “Life” is another game that would be great to teach math, it teaches them how to also add and subtract money and it puts them in situation in life that you would have to use money for. A more simple way to teach kids way through board games are flash cards or finding and matching numbers. A game that is also most recommended by math teachers is  multiplication bingo for grades 3-5 and 6-8.

 #mce_temp_url# This link will take you to more information about the math bingo.

The more common games that would help to teach math are Uno,Chess,Sorry or just simple playing cards.These games all play an important part of a childhood. they are also available for all ages.Getting a student or a child to learn math is alone a challenge. Math for some students are a difficult subject so teaching your students or kids math in a fun way would be board games or online games from your home computer.  

When teaching your students or child, taking baby steps would be recommended. flash cards,examples with word problems gives the student or child a picture in there heads on what the problem is asking you and life situations. This website is a mom approved website that gives the kids games to play and puzzles to do, they also have a pre algebra lesson for students that are more advanced in there math skills. Some tips for classwork would be to never frown when a student gets the wrong answer. Critical thinking and honest effort is the key to getting the student or child to want to participate in doing math.Don’t forget to take step by step when teaching show them the way,and if you respect the student you will earn there respect back. This website has some helpful tips on teaching math.Be the teacher that is different with every child because every child is different.No kid learns the same,find out how your student learns and teach from that way.