Board Games Young Adults Family Night

Young adults love to play board games, and it is a good way to have a family night. If you’re going to have a family game night with young adults here are some of the best games to play. I am a huge fan of the first one on my life:

Monopoly I can’t seem to get enough of, it is a good game for a rainy night especially since it takes a few good hours to finish. Monopoly isn’t an easy game to master, you have to learn when to buy or sell property and if your not careful you could end up bankrupt. I do believe monopoly is a good game to learn about making money and investment decisions.

The second game on my list and one of my favorites is Clue I could play this game every day. Clue is set up in an English county mansion with the board game divided into different rooms of the house. Each player represents a guest staying at the house they are Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green and also Miss Scarlet they are going to be staying at the mansion that is owned by Dr. Black. He just happens to be found murdered and the guests have become suspects and are trying to figure out who murdered him. The solution to finding out who killed Dr. Black is by three components are suspect, weapon and room, clue is about mystery, murder and suspense. It is a very good strategy game for young adults.

The game of Life is another good choice; you will need between 2-6 players. The game is about a person traveling through his or her life from high school graduation to retirement age with jobs, marriage, children or none of them along his or her way. The game of Life is a good game to play to learn about the different things that could happen in a person’s life when they are growing up.

Scrabble would be another board game that I would play with young adults; you need between 2-4 people to play. I like scrabble because I think it is a learning game where you can learn different words and how to spell them. Scrabble is a word game, which you need to make as many words as you can with the letters you have, and to get as many points to win the game.