Boston Science Museum

The Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusettes may not receive the sort of accolades that the Natural History Museum in New York receives, and to be perfectly fair, it simply is not as impressive a museum.  However, it does have many distinct advantages over its biggest east coast competitor.  And even in those areas where it is not as strong, The Museum of Science still has plenty to offer all minds, young and old.

As far as getting there, The Museum of Science is not too difficult to get to.  The T-train has a stop nearby, and then it is just a short walk to the front door.  Those who insist on driving, the directions to get there from out of town are actually pretty easy, though drivers may have to react quickly on Boston’s nonsensical roads.  For those who live in town, getting to this museum is not any more difficult than getting anywhere else.  Once there, parking is easy, albeit a tad on the expensive side.  (Arriving or leaving can be difficult depending on the hour and day of the week.)  

Once inside, The Museum is wide open to the curious visitor.  Getting tickets is easy enough, and not too expensive.  In the area where tickets are purchased, and people enter the museum, patrons can visit the gift store, the cafe, or even run up and down the musical stairs.  Tickets for other attractions can also be purchased here, and these too are at least reasonably priced.

The main attractions of the museum cover three floors.  Getting from any one section to another is quick and easy, making it an ideal location for those who do not wish to plan out their day ahead of time in order to see it all.  Each of the different sections are distinct, and are designed for a certain aspect of science.  The mathematica wing might open up some eyes, as there is a lot more to math than most might remember.

One of the best things about The Science Museum is that there are plenty of interactive and hands on exhibits.  Looking is nice, but doing is always better.  And then there is the electricity show, where the audience cannot do, but the display is quite amazing.

Everything about the museum seems just a hair lower than top notch technology, but the museum is good enough, and the whole family can enjoy.