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The PSP is both a game console and a media center. It can play games as well as movies. Like with games, movies can be bought either directly from the PlayStation Network store, or by purchasing UMDs (Universal Media Discs). However, because the UMD is only for the PSP, not every store has them. It’s not a lost cause, however; there are places that will sell UMD movies. For the smoothest experience, online stores are most likely to carry UMD movies.

• Video Game Stores

Stores like Gamestop usually do stock UMD movies so that PSP owners who are browsing for new games can also check out movies they’d like to purchase. A lot of these might be used, so do remember to ask to see the UMD before purchase so you can check for excessive scratches. However, for the most part, discs will be either in good condition or new.

Gamefly, the online video game rental store, also has PSP movies. You can rent them, but they usually aren’t for sale so you can’t keep them. Gamefly is therefore not an option for movies you’d like to see any time you want. It is ideal though for movies you are unsure about.

• General Media and Electronics Stores

Going into a store that sells only movies and/or music is unlikely to help you in your quest. Retail stores that also sell video games, however, most likely will also carry UMD movies. Best Buy, for example, sells movies, music, and video games. It’s no wonder they therefore sell UMD movies which they call “PSP Movies”. Not all Best Buy stores carry them so you’ll need to check out your local Best Buy to find out. However, many UMD movies are available through their online portal and will be shipped to you from their warehouse.

Micro Center, however ,does not carry PSP movies anymore. Some stores might still carry old stock, but for the most part, you will not find PSP movies at your local Micro Center.

• Online Retail Stores

Online stores like Amazon usually have a bit of everything, so it’s no wonder they also have UMD movies for sale. Many of them will be used, but that’s common as the UMD format is unpopular and UMD movie sales weren’t enticing enough for publishers. Movies do come out, but there aren’t as many UMDs available as needed.

The following is a list of all the stores where UMD movies can be bought:

  • (online)

  • (online)

  • BestBuy (online mostly)

  • FYE (retail and online. Under DVD)

  • Gamefly (renting only)

  • Gamestop (retail and online)

  • Borders (online only)

  • Barnes and Noble (online only)

  • Walmart (online only)