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Card Games 2009

According to The International Card-Playing Society, cards were more than likely first invented in China, since the Chinese are also credited for inventing paper. From there they were passed from culture to culture, eventually making their way into Europe through the Islamic Empire. Soon after the familiar kings, queens, and so forth began to define the basic sets of cards we still use today. Card games have traveled a long road, and games of today aim to please ever-changing consumers’ tastes. Through it all, card games have stood the test of time and continue to be a valued form of entertainment to friends and families. Looking for a gift this holiday that’s sure to please any demographic? Take a look at these hot new card games for the season.

1. UNO Flash

Mattel has put a twist on their popular card game of matching colors and numbers with this updated edition. Players have to be quick during this electronic version of the original, as the game randomly selects turns and forces fast game-play.

2. Out of Sight

Out of Sight, another game from Mattel, is a frenetic card collecting game. Players roll dice and gather cards to match the numbers rolled while on a random time limit. It’s a game of non-stop action for ages eight and older.

3. Monopoly Deal

Did you think Monopoly was just a boring, slow-moving board game? Not quite. Hasbro has come up with a card game that will please traditional Monopoly lovers and the next generation as well. Monopoly Deal, a game for 2 to 6 players, has all the strategy of the original board game with property and debt collecting, with all of the fun of unsuspecting fortune changing cards. It’s fast-paced, pleasing the younger age groups that still can’t quite make it through an entire Monopoly board game.

4. Giant Spoons

For something a little different, check out this game that won the 2004 Babyzone Amazing Toy Award. The object of this card game is to get four of a kind. Once you do, you have to grab a spoon, an interesting addition to a run-of-the-mill game. It’s a scrambling game of putting down spoons and picking them up. After all other players are eliminated, the last player with a spoon wins.

5. Scrabble Slam!

The object of this game is to get rid of all of your cards. Each card is a letter, and players use their letters to constantly change an existing four-letter word. This game moves quickly, and can be a great learning tool for younger children who struggle with spelling.

Put some card games on your buying list this holiday season. If they were good enough for the ancients, they’re certainly good enough for the current generation.

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