Casino Casion Beats Players Gamblers

Every year millions of people either visit local casinos built in their home state or make the trip to the gambling Mecca of the world, Las Vegas. Whether the casinos are brick and mortar or riverboats, the players are presented with the illusion of magical fun and excitement. Plain and simple, players love to gamble their hard earned money at these venues. Las Vegas has become the vacation paradise for most of these players and as soon as they arrive at the airport they are greeted with the all time staple of casino gambling, slot machines. There are machines in casinos that pay money every time they are activated and they are found in all casinos clearly marked by the three large letters at the top, “ATM.”

Casino’s beat the players by having the advantage or “edge” in every game that is played. Everybody knows this fact and the actual advantage is well advertised by the casino as being very small and it is. There are slot machines that pay out 97% of all the money that is put into them. Sounds real good until players understand that every time they pull the handle or hit the button they are losing three cents.  It looks fair until they multiply that three cents by 100 to be $3.00 or 1000 to become $30.00. Out of all the games offered to players in a casino, the slot machines are the ones that pay the bills for the house. In all actuality the casino wants the players to win. Win a little but lose a lot. This is the same theory behind the scratch off lottery tickets sold at your local convenience store. The casino edge in craps for instance, is based on 10,000 rolls of the dice not 100. The house edge on craps is 1.41% meaning that every time a player bets $5.00 the casino keeps $.07. Not much to worry about you say? If a player placed 1 million dollars worth of pass line bets he would lose $14,100. 

Player’s have a hard time understanding that every game in the casino is set up to have a “negative outcome” for them. Dealers can also affect the player in their winning or losing. Tipping is always a good idea to keep the dealers on your side. As an example, a dealer working the roulette table for years can affect the outcome to an extent.  They can release the ball on the wheel at the same speed from the same starting point on the wheel as it spins by. That dealer can hit the same half of the wheel most of the time and even one third of wheel a lot. They aren’t to concerned with players that are losing but if players are winning tipping is a must as you can see.  At other table venues like craps or blackjack, the dealers will be a lot more helpful if tipped.

By far the largest advantage the casino has over the players are the players themselves. Generally after a player starts gambling there is a point when they are winning. It could be a small amount of money or a large amount.  If every player left immediately after an initial win all the casinos would go broke.  In the players mind they’ve won a little and from that point they can win a lot. They are now playing on the casino’s money. That statement is incorrect.  Any money that a player can leave the building with is their money, not the casino’s. 

Human nature plays a huge part in the casino’s edge. Winning gives the player an emotional euphoria but losing gives the player a negative feeling. It’s a case of the high’s being too high and the low’s being too low. Winning brings with it one of the largest human motivators known to man,  greed. Free money is just one more bet away.  Casino’s are in the business to make money and greedy players never disappoint a casino. There is also a compelling urge to make larger bets to win back money that has just been lost. Players without any discipline are their own worst enemies.

At times it seems like casino’s grab the players by the ankles, hold them upside down and shake them until all their credit cards, ATM cards and cash comes out of their pockets. The best advice is to not take plastic cards to the casino floor. If your pocket cash is exhausted it’s better to go all the way back to your room to get the plastic. Right next to those money giving plastic cards is the note that you wrote to yourself to take a break for a while. If you do not heed your own advice and go directly back to gamble then perhaps you have a problem and need some help. Without discipline and setting limits gambling is no longer fun and can wreck your life. 

Casinos have learned from trial and error just how to separate the players from their money and sell the illusion to the players that they had “fun” doing it.  To be fair,  not everyone who gambles in a casino loses but a large majority of players will lose all or part of their bankroll. There are times when pure luck will defy all the advantages that a casino has and players do win a lot of money. When this happens casinos are quick to notify the press that a player has won a lot of money, sometimes millions, so they can use the event as advertising. This usually occurs when playing the mega style slots that are offered in many different casinos but have one large payout.

Everything about a casino is psychologically tuned to the players pleasure sensors. Even the outside decor with neon lighting and huge moving advertising display screens that are geared to draw the players in are intentionally alluring. Once inside the players are greeted with carpeting that is generally unpleasant to the eye to keep players looking upward. High ceilings make the casino seem much larger than it is. The noisiest slot machines are placed more in the center of the building to lure players away from the door. There are no clocks anywhere because the casino doesn’t want players to leave at a certain time. Everything is set up to keep the player in the building.

In conclusion there is a lot of fun and excitement for a player at a casino. It is a challenge to take on the house and come out a winner. It feels good when the casino comp’s you for a buffet or show. The casino employees, dealers, box men and the pit boss’s all want to see the players win. While they are smiling like fresh graduates from charm school, the casino games are doing all the dirty work.