Casino Rueda Salsa Dancing

What is casino rueda salsa dancing? It is a style of salsa that is danced in a circle. There are certain commands that one person, the caller, calls out to trigger everyone in the circle to start dancing that move, similar to a square dance caller. As the casino rueda salsa dancers spin around and occasionally exchange partners, the whole circle moves to the beat in a flowing pattern like the view seen through a kaleidoscope.

Sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be for beginners. Casino rueda salsa classes typically have all the newcomers start together in a beginners’ circle, where you first master a few basic moves. At the end of the class, if you know how to perform these moves, know how to listen for them from the caller, and can smoothly transition between them, you’re ready to graduate to the next circle, where you learn a few additional moves. And so on.

Each dance studio’s calls, or names for each move, differ from place to place. Typical moves for a beginner include a simple side-to-side step where all the leads face in one direction, all the follows face in the other direction, and they dance as partners stepping toward the inside of the circle, bringing their feet together, and then stepping toward the outside of the circle and bringing their feet together.

Other basic steps to learn are the basic salsa step, basic spin, and double spin. You can also work your way up to more complex patterns in which you change arm positions, switch the directions you and your partner are facing in, and even wind up with a completely new partner.

Casino rueda salsa is entertaining to watch, and it’s exhilarating to learn. Whether you go to a class by yourself, with a partner, or in a group, be prepared to dance with a variety of partners with different dance styles and levels of experience. Part of the appeal of casino rueda salsa dancing involves working as a group to master the moves and make the circle look vibrant and seamless.

All the moves are performed to the typical salsa rhythm (one-two-three, pause, four-five-six, pause), which guarantees upbeat, energetic music to get you into the dancing mood. Whether you try it out once just to say you’ve done it, or you get really into it and work your way up through all the levels, casino rueda salsa dancing is a fun experience for any level of dancer. Just remember, everyone at one time was a beginner.