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How to Find Auctions Local Auctions Estate Auctions Storage Warehouse Auctions Ebay Ecrater

When we think of auctions, we instantly think of eBay, one of the best and easiest ways to find both new and old items on auctions.  Rarely do we think about local auctions in the local area or community we live in to find great finds.  Local Auctions Community newspapers and local classifieds are great

Creative Ways to Display Embroiery

There are many creative ways to display embroidery.  The most obvious ways is to embroidery the piece on clothing.  The pieces of thread art along with some ribbon art could not only be great for fashion, they can be used to decorate the home. Quilts and wall hangings It takes several embroidered pieces to make

Guide to Collecting Sea Glass

Sea glass usually began its life as a piece of unwanted trash. A bottle or some other object made of glass somehow found it’s way into a lake or ocean. After being broken, pushed around by waves, scoured by sand and exposed to the sun, it is deposited on beaches as small bits of frosted

Comics Collection Hobby Archie Comics Childhood

      Comics?  If you’re reading this then you’re starting off on the right foot.  If you are at a bookstore or book sale and you are browsing through the comics area, then you are interested in comics.  Ready to start your collection?  Know first what interests you.       Ask yourself:  “Do I like super heroes? 

How to Organize a Lego Collection

Organizing a Lego brick collection can be quite a daunting task, especially if it contains thousands of bricks. Whether you are a professional seller or casually build, it is a good idea to organize your pieces so you know where they all are. If you are going be selling your bricks online, you should catalog

How the Internet has Impacted Antique Collecting

Many people enjoy going to antique stores. For some people, it is a way to get a glimpse into the past. For others, it is fun to compare the differences in items used years ago with items used today. With the advent of the Internet, antique collecting has gone to a whole new level. There

Creative Ways to Display Embroidery

Over the years, this author has experienced presenting embroidery projects in different ways to make the most of the type and style of the embroidery. Embroidery used for special occasions can be presented to reflect the interior of the home in which it will be displayed or can take on the shape or style of

Sale of Antique Items

If you are into collecting antique merchandise then you would definitely find this article interesting. There are many people around the world who collect antique items as a hobby, some collect these items in order to give the appearance that they are classy, but whatever your reason for this, it still does not excuse the

Art Deco Postersart Decopostersposterantiquesantique

How to find and buy quality antique furniture There is nothing quite like owning genuine antiques to add a special touch to the décor of your home.  Whether you collect examples of antique furniture or antique art posters, their age exudes an atmosphere that complements any design scheme, from the ultra modern to the ultra

How to Start Collecting Movie Posters

Collecting movie posters is a great way to own a little piece of film history. And, it’s fun! Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or Dirty Harry fan, movie poster collecting can fuel your passion. It’s easy to get started and the sky’s the limit. Movie Poster SizesBefore you get started building that fabulous collection,