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Informaton about Kewpie Dolls

Kewpie dolls are wonderful characters and very popular from the early 1900’s. They were originally drawn by Rose O’ Neill and illustrated her stories in the Ladies Home Journal of 1909.The very first Kewpies were not produced until 1912. Dolls then were actually based on a sculpture by Joseph Callus, a well known artist. Kewpies

What are the most Valuable Mcfarlane Baseball Figurines

The most valuable McFarlane baseball figurines are a bit of the old and new with plenty of variations thrown in to keep even an experienced collector a bit off balance. McFarlane entered the world of collectible figurines with their baseball line in 2000, While that initial set was limited to six players and incredibly overproduced

Doll Collecting a Beginners Guide

The popularity of doll collecting as a hobby is partly due to the variety of dolls there are to collect. Choosing from the many types can make for a very interesting collection; a shelf filled with fashion dolls in exquisite costumes or a nursery of sweetly detailed reborn baby dolls is a joy to behold.

Vintage Barbie Barbie Green Ear Barbie Neck Splits

Restoring Vintage Barbie Dolls Because Barbie dolls have been one of the most popular toys for girls since 1959, most that you acquire will be in played with condition. Being well loved by little girls you will find Barbie with hair trims, worn off makeup, neck splits and (ugh) the dreaded green ear. Early Barbie

Doll Collecting for Beginners

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, or rich or poor, doll collecting is something you can enjoy. A wide variety of dolls is available, from Barbie to babies to the bizarre. You don’t necessarily have to go the way of expensive antiques to build a nice doll collection. Dolls often increase in value,

What are the most Valuable Mcfarlane Basketball Figurines

The most valuable McFarlane basketball figurines is not a very lengthy list, but it is one that shows great potential for expansion. McFarlane began their series of basketball figurines in 2002-2003 so they haven’t had quite as much time to appreciate as some of the other sports issues. When that is combined with a small

Cheap Top Selling Baby Dolls

To begin with; there are a lot of top baby dolls out there. But, the thing is; they are so expensive and the kids only play with them for a day. I have three children and they are very picky when it comes to their baby dolls. The main sellers out there right now are:

Collectible Barbie Dolls

From baby dolls to Barbie dolls, doll collecting has been an important pastime for generations.  Finding these highly cherished collectibles is not always an easy or predictable pursuit, but the rewards can be well worth the effort. Due to the intrinsic value of collectible dolls, they can often be found at reputable garage sales across

Attending a Doll Fair or Convention

Attending a doll fair or convention can be a very good way to learn more about not only the dolls you have, but the other dolls out there as well. Specialized conventions and fairs exist for Barbie collectors, fashion dolls and even the relatively new Ball Jointed dolls that mostly come from Asia, but generalized

Dollfie Collection

All about ball-jointed dolls Ball-jointed dolls refer dolls with ball and socket joints. The more modern ball-jointed dolls began from the company Volks. These dolls, commonly known as Dollfies in Asia, are intended for adult collectors and customizers. They range from the price of US$100 to over US$1000. Unlike that of a barbie doll, which

What are the most Valuable Mcfarlane Football Figurines

The most valuable McFarlane football figurines are quite a storied list of impressive athletes. Although McFarlane only began their football line of figurines in 2001 many have rapidly appreciated providing some rather astounding returns on minimal investments. While the McFarlane baseball line outsells football traditionally, a combination of short prints and an almost ridiculous amount

Storing Vintage Barbie

While it would be a dream to display each and every doll in one’s vintage Barbie collection, often this just isn’t an option. Whether it’s to rotate your display dolls or move them across country, knowing how to safely pack and store your dolls will protect your collection. Taking good care of your collection will

Displaying Barbie Dolls

Displaying you collection of Barbie dolls can be a very fun part of this exciting hobby. Whether you prefer to keep your dolls mint in their original boxes or love to redress a favorite vintage beauty, the display of your dolls is a way to enjoy your collection everyday. Where you put your display is

Tips for Buying Dolls on Craigslist

Tips for Finding Collectible Dolls on Craigslist As a person who loves to scour the planet for vintage and collectible dolls, I have found some wonderful buys on Craigslist. Sometimes it involves luck; in other cases, it’s being in the right place at the right time. But it always involves proper searching, clear follow-up communications,

Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls (LDD) from Mezco are now entering their sixteenth series and they are just as horrifying as ever. Over the past several years the popularity and monetary appreciation of these creepy little fellows has grown considerably. While many people want to begin collecting these dolls but have little idea as to how or

How to take Photos of your Dolls

Taking great photos of your dolls is important since having an exact picture of the exact doll is superior to having just a generic picture of any doll like yours. We need to have an exact replica of our very own doll since each doll is an individual having its own traits and condition issues.

Vintage Barbie Collecting and Identification

Fifty years ago in 1959 the very first Barbie doll was the brainchild of Ruth Handler of Mattel. While in Germany, she was excited to discover a German doll called Bild Lilli that had a ponytail and fashion model body. She excitedly went home to begin the creation of a well loved toy that is

What are the most Valuable Mcfarlane Hockey Figurines

The most valuable McFarlane Hockey figurines is a somewhat short and to some unimpressive list. What collectors or investors must remember about them however is that in the grand scheme of things the top hickey figurines are undervalued when compared to their counterparts from other sports making them a pretty decent buy that won’t break

Collecting Pez Dispensers

We all remember PEZ dispensers when we were kids. They had neat dispensers that pushed out fruity candy. But did you know that people collect these dispensers? And some of the collections are huge. Here is a brief history of how collecting PEZ dispensers came to be. PEZ was first introduced as a compressed peppermint

How to Haggle over Price at a Pawn Shop

Let’s face it, you are in a pawn shop. You know the prices are about as inflated as hot air in a balloon. Their are many opportunities, when at a pawn shop, to start eyeing items you’d like to purchase. However, this isn’t your local general store. This is a land where only the savvy walk