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Board Game Reviews Snakes and Ladders

There are several variations available of this popular game, though it’s a game that has thrilled generations of children. The origination of the game is interesting and not known to many of its players. Originating in India, where the game had the name of Mokshapat, it is thought to have been played in the 2nd


Scrabble sets can be found in most college bars or family homes. In some places, they are prominent, well worn sets; in other places, they are pristinely tucked away in a corner only to be re-discovered on a rainy weekend. So common is Scrabble that it seems to have been with us forever but in

Board Games that Teach Math

Teaching kids math through board games is a  great to get there attention on how fun learning could be and how easy. Some board games like “Monopoly”.”Monopoly” is a fun and easy way to teach how to add money,subtract money and keeping track of money.The board game “Life” is another game that would be great

Scrabble Overview

The game of Scrabble celebrates its 75th birthday next year. (It’s having some friends over for a few rounds.) Scrabble was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher (Scrabble word value 11) Butts (Scrabble word value seven), an architect, who called the game “Criss-Crosswords,” because of its 15-by-15 square game board and the crossword format of

Fun and Frustrations with Board Games

Many centuries ago, man spent all of his time simply trying to survive. As soon as survival had been mastered and man could communicate effectively then and only then was there time to develop interesting ideas and intentions. Nowadays, no sooner a child is born then the parents are engaging the infant in some kind

How Board Games Teach Children Basic Skills

Children learn through play. They learn about the sweetness of life’s lucky turns of fortune and the vast difficulties that rule the space in between. It seems every trial and every triumph of the human condition has its analog in Chutes and Ladders. At a certain point in time hope is all you have. Unfairly sent back

Guess who to Play or not to Play Board Game Review

Ever wanted a to play a board game everyone could enjoy? Guess Who is a great game for children and adults to play. The game is fairly simple yet very entertaining for children six years old or older. The game is a 2-player guessing game that can be played between a child and another child,

Top 10 Family Friendly Board Games

Board games are a rarity now that video games have taken over. However, some families still make every effort to play board games whenever they can. The best games are the ones that have been around for years. These games are the one that today’s kids’ parents played when they were young. Sorry Sorry is

Board Game Reviews Axis and Allies

Axis and Allies is a terrific board game, but it’s not for everyone. For the hard-core wargamer, it’s little more than what used to be called a “beer and pretzels” game. For those who feel that Monopoly is a complicated game, it is too difficult. But for the casual gamer, it has a lot to

Review of Endgame by Frank Brady a Biography of Bobby Fischer

“I’m such a loser in the game of life.” -Bobby Fischer  “Endgame” by Frank Brady will likely attain status as the definitive biography of Bobby Fischer. The author, a personal friend of Fischer for many years, should be commended for his objectivity, clear writing style, and extraordinarily well-documented research. This IS a true biography, not