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Top Multi Player Board Games for Teens

Multiplayer board games are fun to play especially when you know the right ones to play. Some teens love to play board games and some do not.. Games that are short rather than very long are also better too. Teens do not want to be doing the same thing for hours long. The first multiplayer

Scrabble Slam Review

Unless you’re a competitive player, Scrabble is not a game played in a rush. It’s a game of deliberation, of slow, strategic, methodical placement of letters to form words and score points. The average Scrabble game can take a lot longer to play than many other board games, and that’s part of why it’s satisfying:

Board Game Review Civilizations

Civilizations is an entertaining game, though it does take quite a long time to play. It was designed by Francis Tresham in the UK in 1980. Usually played by from as few as two people to up to seven, it is normally recommended for more mature players (meaning ages twelve and up). The game only

Chess Opening Chess Opening Moves

An amateur player sits down to play a game of chess. His first move is a telltale sign of naivety and a blunder. He moves forward the pawn resting innocuously in front of the rook. The game does not look good from here. The problem with this move is that it does not establish any attack, or any

Ravensburger Labyrinth Review

Though it doesn’t receive as much press as board games like Monopoly, Clue or Battleship, Labyrinth is a classic that deserves a spot on any gamer’s shelf. Good for kids and adults, Labyrinth is a great combination of observational skills and strategy. Though there are a few different versions of Labyrinth available, they all have

Taboo not just a Bad Word

Taboo from Hasbro has been around for many years and is still as popular as ever. The aim of the game is to get your partner or partners to guess the word you are describing without using the five most popular words associated with your word. All of this is done against the clock for added

Board Game Reviews Mousetrap

Mouse Trap is a classic game that was first released in 1963. It is a challenging game for kids of all age groups. Some schools currently use Mouse Trap as a Rube Goldberg demonstration. Rube Goldberg mechanisms are overly-designed simple machines that perform a set of basic actions. This is also the premise of Mouse

Qwirkle Review

Qwirkle is, as its name suggests, a quirky game. There is no board, there’s a rather minimal set of rules, the play tiles are all colored symbols, and the game must be played as a series of rows and columns. It sounds odd from the get-go, and it looks difficult at first glance, yet Qwirkle

Benefits of Playing Board Games

It is easy to dismiss board games as being ‘just a game’ but actually there is much more to them than that. There are many benefits that come with playing board games and it can be much more enhancing than you may think. Below are some of the reasons why board games are beneficial. *

Board Game Reviews Candyland

Candy Land has been a classic childhood board game almost from it’s inception more than 55 years ago by it’s inventor Ms. Eleanor Abbott. Over the years, this much loved childhood staple has had some minor changes but one thing has stayed the same, kids everywhere love Candy Land. Social Psychologist Susan Neuman, Ph. D.

Topping the Score up with a Bingo

The English language is very logical. Words which are long are constructed to a certain pattern or style and this is useful to know when trying to construct a Bingo in Scrabble. A Bingo uses all the letters that a player has on their tile holder in one go, and it’s easier to do than

Chess Tips how to Make the most of the Knights Position

Richard III said in the play that bears his name, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse.” Now, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the knight is still a pretty good piece to have around! Its unique movement is worth taking a brief look at here. Jumping: The knight is the only

Chess Tips how to Make the most of the Queens Position

The queen is the strongest piece on the chessboard and can dominate the game if you use her wisely. There are eleven rules of queen play but most of them are a part of your working knowledge if you’re a chess enthusiast. 1) The queen’s strength increases as material gets exchanged; its value is a

Chess Tips Basic Positional Guidelines

Positional chess playing needs a great sight of the board, plus the added ability to be able to read and identify a given position’s various strengths and weaknesses. A strong positional player will still know how to analyse a position, and they will also have the ability to calculate their moves, but a lot of

Balderdash Review

Balderdash is the perfect choice if you want to bring crazy fun to a party. The title of this bluffing game is apropos. The word Balderdash, according to, means, “stupid or illogical talk” and “senseless rubbish.”  What is the point? The point of the game is to use your creative skills to out-bluff all

Scrabble Words to Remember

Though it’s a wise idea to form seven-letter words whenever possible, Scrabble is not necessarily a game won on massive words. Instead, you need to focus on forming multiple words in a single turn on multipliers – and to make sure that those words use high-scoring, strategically, placed letters. Below are a group of small

Great Games for Kids

Board games provide an excellent form of entertainment for children of all ages. Many are also educational and can be used for family game nights. There are many classic games that have been around for years and even decades, which are enjoyed just as much now as by the generation before. Your children may enjoy

Star Trek Catan Review

Though it’s no Monopoly by any means, The Settlers of Catan is slowly becoming one of those games that suffers from an overabundance of editions. Most of them, granted, are expansions on the original rules, and bring extra game play to the table, something Monopoly editions often lack, but the point stands – Catan is

Directions and Rules on how to Play Bunco

Bunco is a fun game for children and adults alike. It is commonly the focus of adult Bunco parties or weekly get-togethers. It is a relatively easy game and can typically be taught to players in a matter of a few minutes. The following rules come from the World Bunco Association and cover a game

Cranium Review

Board games usually force their players to focus on a single competitive activity. Answering questions, drawing a quick sketch of an unknown subject, humming out a tune for others to guess, performing charades … there’s almost always one primary goal.  Cranium bucks this trend. How? By combining all of the above. You’ll quickly wonder why