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How to Display your Kids Artwork

One of the joys of having children is that you get to see their beautiful pictures they made just for you and you get to see how their creativity develops. But kids do like to draw and paint a lot so you may well end up with hundreds of pictures and nowhere to keep them.

Flower Centerpieces Tissue Flowers Tissue Floral how to Make Tissue Flowers

MAKING TISSUE PAPER FLOWERS In my college years, I worked in the early childcare center, and this craft project was one of the preschoolers favorites! I always loved the craft projects, the children also loved them! I know several different ways to make these! You can make them out of any Kleenex type of tissues,

Free Crafts for Kids

Children of all ages like to make things, be it on a rainy day or in the midst of the summer holidays. They beam with pride when they hold up the finished project and can’t wait for it to be displayed for all to see. Though, like with most activities, children get fed up rather quickly

Dr Seuss Costumes

Dr. Seuss related costumes are not just for Halloween. There are many characters that would be good for a themed birthday party or even an adult themed party. Dr. Seuss characters are practically universal and are enjoyed by children as well as adults. Below are some sources as well as costume ideas for both the

Dr Seuss Activities for Preschoolers

Young children love the unique characters created by Dr. Seuss as well as the fun and clever stories and rhymes that he inspired. Using these characters and ideas in educational games can inspire young learners to learn new things without them even knowing it. Reading the books themselves is educational and often teaches good life

Free Coloring Pages

Colouring can be passed over at times, it is some what under rated. Though in actual fact, it allows children to be creative, expressive and release some energy. As a bonus, colouring can be extremely low cost. As long as you have a variety of colouring crayons, pens and/or pencils the rest is easy. There

How to Draw Ben10 Characters

The characters of Ben 10 hold a fair amount of appeal to youngsters across the planet, and so it’s no surprise that budding artists everywhere occasionally want to break out their pencils and give drawing Ben and his friends (and enemies) a try. Does this work out every time? Probably not – though that’s doubtless

Heart Themed Projects for Preschoolers

Heart themed projects are popular for preschoolers.  Preschoolers are learning the concepts of recognizing and naming shapes and hearts are always a fun shape.  Many teachers and parents are looking for heart themed projects to celebrate Valentine’s Day but heart art is also perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and bulletin boards to say

Dr Seuss Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

If there is one author that most people will list among the authors that they remember the most from their childhood, it would probably be Dr. Seuss. Born Theodor Seuss Geisel in 1904, Dr. Seuss is one of the most well known authors of children’s books in the world. Dr. Seuss was known for his

Kids Crafts how to Make Glittery Snowflakes

When winter’s chill sets in, kids can get very bored; unless there’s plenty of snow outside, they’ll need a little something to do with their time.  Crafts are always fun and they teach children important skills that they can use throughout their entire lives.  Some of my best childhood memories are of making crafts with