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How to Salsa

When I was in graduate school, my friend Paula invited me to a salsa club. “But I’ll have no idea what I’m doing!” I protested, but went anyway, as I’m usually game to try anything once. In the back of the club, Paula broke down the basic salsa step for me, and before I knew


Temple dancing was the dance by the maids of gods’ that originated about 2000 years ago. These maids of gods’ known as Devadasis, were dedicated to the temple worship and formed part of the daily temple ritual. These dances were normally in praise of the gods. Unfortunately over a period of time, influenced by poor

Hanya Holm

The Holm technique was created by modern dance pioneer, dance educator, and choreographer Hanya Holm (born Johanna Eckert in Germany), and has influenced the styles of many generations of dancers. Holm’s attendance at the Institution of Emile Jacques-Dalcroze from childhood to early adulthood, as well as her time spent watching dancer Mary Wigman greatly influenced

History of Jazz Dance

The style of dance known as jazz has its roots in the African culture imported by the slaves to America. Africans in their native countries danced to celebrate life; to express their cultural beliefs. On the journey to America, the slave traders wanted them to keep physically fit, so dancing was often allowed. On the

Ballet Dancer Training

Passion! Joy! Love! Sweat! Grace! Beauty!These six simple words summarize the training of a ballet dancer.Passion keeps a ballet dancer returning to the dance studio day after day through the years of dedicated work. Joy and love are what the dancer reaps with every pirouette (turn) and every plie (bend of knee) because they cannot

Ballet Company Reviews San Francisco Ballet

Since 1933 a lot has changed in San Francisco Ballet; a lot, except its grace and powerful youth. Recognizing the need for a thriving school that would prepare dancers to appear in opera productions, Gaetano Merola, the founding director of San Francisco Opera, established San Francisco Ballet in 1933. At that time, San Francisco was

Step Dancing how to Learn Step

Step dancing is not difficult to learn, but it does take time. For someone who has never done it before it can appear complicated. It consist of hand claps, foot stomps and chants. If someone is accustomed to following a slower beat, stepping may seem too fast at first. It truly depends on what the

Step Dancing how to Learn Complex Routines Stepping

Step dancing is an ornate form of dance that utilizes the entire body to produce beats. It consists of foot stomps, hand claps and verbal chants. The origin of step dancing comes from Africa. The advantage of this type of dance is that it can be combined with other steps. When a person just begins

Casino Rueda Salsa Dancing

What is casino rueda salsa dancing? It is a style of salsa that is danced in a circle. There are certain commands that one person, the caller, calls out to trigger everyone in the circle to start dancing that move, similar to a square dance caller. As the casino rueda salsa dancers spin around and

Kpanlogo Dance Drum Rattle Gourd Shekere Bell

It all started with a spider. Really, it started with a spider (Ananse) story: There once was a powerful, rich king with three beautiful daughters, but no sons. The daughters were never allowed to leave the King’s palace, and their names – Kpanlogo, Alogodzan, and Nmaa Nmaa – were kept secret from the public. As

Tango – No

The Tango…a dance with so much history, a dance of story, and a dance that represents a relationship. Such a beautiful dance that creates such heated romance, with such catchy music. A dance where the man leads the woman in order to make his partner look elegent and graceful. But what if the women were

The Taddok the Native Taloctoc Kalinga Dance

The “taddok” is the native dance of Taloctoc, Kalinga – a far flung village north of Manila, Philippines. The taddok is done by men beating their gongs as they skip with the tempo and dance around in circles. The women, in turn, danced the “tanggi”; hands raised at shoulder level on both sides, while they

Step Dancing how to Step better

Step dancing is not just about stomping and clapping. It is also about listening and allowing the body to become an instrument in which it can be utilized for the purpose of step. In essence, it is letting oneself become the step. What makes this dance style stand out is when it is done well.

African Dance Jazz Improvisation

Watching an Arlus Mabele video the other day I was reminded of the time in my life long ago when I danced with a Brazilian group out of Berkeley. The group coordinator urged us to practice a few days a week with a Nigerian group. One of the drummers, Ceke Ladzekpo? was a recognized master

Benefits Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a delightful combination of sport and art that has found renewed recognition in recent years with the extreme popularity of such shows as Dancing with the Stars and So you Think you can Dance. More would-be dancers are walking through studio doors than ever, and they are finding that ballroom dancing is

Contemporary Ballet

Today I will take ballet class, like I do every day. I’ll wear a black leotard and pink tights like the rest of my classmates. I’ll work my way through the barre exercises without once stopping to think. I’ll practice the same movements I’ve been doing for years. Ballet is a classic dance form. It’s

Step Dancing how the Arms Define Step Moves

Step dancing is a manner of dance that involves every portion of the upper and lower body. It is made up of clapping, stomping and song. However, what defines step dancing more than anything is the arms. Even with a balanced tempo and solid stomp, steps will not present well if the arms are not

Step Dancing a Form of Artistic Expression

Step dancing is a kind of dance in which an individual allows their entire body to be utilized as an intrument. This type of dance is characterized by foot stomps, hand claps and verbal chants. In step dance a “stepper” becomes the step itself. they let the beat transform them from head to toe. It

Bulgarian Folk Dancing

The “Flavors” of Horo and Rachenitsa A celebration of any kind in Bulgaria would be unthinkable without a group of people joining hands in the inevitable horo or rachenitsa, often to a live band, playing traditional instruments such as the gaida (bagpipe), tupan (drum), accordion, clarinet, tambura (lute) and gadulka (fiddle) with a singer accompanying

Beginners Ballet

Ballet is an elegant form of dance that uses all your muscles in a complete workout. Although anyone of any age can perform some ballet moves, most dancers are children or young adults due to the physical endurance necessary. Here are some things any beginning dancer should know: *Expect to stretch- a lot. Ballet shapes