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Belly Dance Benefits

As Shakira sings, “hips don’t lie”. A belly dancer enjoys benefits for the body as well as the mind. If you are considering belly dance for fun and fitness, here are some of the advantages you will enjoy. As you begin to belly dance, you will notice some of the physical benefits right away. Some

Wedding Dances

DANCING IN CIRCLES Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition that marks a special occasion. In weddings, they are used as a signal to guests that is time entertain the bride and groom. Circle dances are an ancient custom that encourages togetherness and being the oldest of dance formations, they all have their own


India is known as a country with a fantastic blend of different varying cultures, religions, art, music and dance. India’s film industry ‘Bollywood’ draws in big crowds of Indians from various backgrounds to enjoy a singing, dancing, romantic film to watch for two-to-three hours. No Bollywood film is complete without singing and dancing. The music

Advantages of Ballroom Dancing

The film “Take the Lead” is truly amazing, not only because of the dancing displayed by the talented actors, but because the script was based on an inspirational true story. The true story behind the film:In 1994 ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine began his mission in public schools across New York, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and

Learn about Tap Dancing

Dim lights cast a mysterious feeling throughout the stadium. A thin layer of fog wisps and curls its way across the stage. A subtly apprehensive chord played by an unseen orchestra hangs suspended in the air. The sound of dead silence comes from the audience as they wait in great anticipation. Suddenly, the stage is


India is home to many dances that have been practised for thousands of years. Some of the dances have religious or social significance whereas others are just forms of artistic expression. Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance that has graceful, elegant moves. Kuchipudi dance is named after the village ‘Kuchipudi’ in South India. The dance

The Origins of Modern Dance

Origin of modern dances Present dancing is a way of traditional dance, just like abstract painting is a form of realism. Present dancing was the outcome of extensive information, experimenting with fundamental moves of ballet and a lot of imagination. The development of present dance started with the 20th century as trendy in dance groups

What Judges look for when Critiquing Dance Competitions

Dance enthusiasts locally and internationally share the same opinion. This unique not for everyone craft is great exercise and, most importantly, food for the soul and fun therapy for the mind. If you love challenge and want to take the experience to the ultimate level, then dance competition is the flavor to savor. Whether it

How to do the Group Wedding Dances

The fundamentals of wedding circle dances Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition and is often used to mark a special occasion. When done at weddings, it is done to entertain the bride and groom. It is the oldest of dance formations. The purpose of dancing in a circle is to encourage togetherness. Popular

Belly Dance – raqs baladi

Belly dancing in any way, shape or form can be entertaining to perform and to watch. There are so many different variations and styles to the dance form that are both challenging and exhilarating to learn. The two main styles of belly dancing are: 1. Raqs Baladi 2. Raqs Sharqi Raqs Sharqi is a slightly

The Parts to a Ballroom Dance Step

Knowing the steps is an important element to ballroom dancing. If you know some basic steps, you can easily take those steps in patterns and you can feel confident dancing to nearly any style of ballroom dance. Dancing is a matter of taking a series of steps. Men start with the left foot, women with

Belly Dance Health Fitnesseastern Yoga Women Sword Swords Snakes Egyptian Cane Middle

When belly dancing, not only do dancers utilise every part of their body but also add the use of props too. Props can help make a dance more interesting and enjoyable to watch. There are many different props used in dance routines. Finger Cymbals: Derived from the Greek word “Kymbala”, cymbals are a very popular

Dancinglearn Dancingdancing for Newbiesnewbies Guide to Dancinggetting Started in Dancing

So you have decided finally to learn dancing! Congratulations. But where do you start? These simple steps will get you started: 1.Find your style: Very very important. It’s as important as saying find a job that you enjoy, don’t do it just for the perks. Because if you are a total newbie, it can be

Dance Flamenco Music

Ole! Flamenco dance and the music associated with it is one of the most distinguishable of dance forms. As a flamenco guitarist, I get great pleasure in the intertwining of the music with the dancer. While it may seem the footsteps that create the echoing percussion have little in common with the accompanying musicians, they

Rules to do well in Dance Class

A dance class is an institution of learning. Teachers impart instructions to students and they gain the knowledge of dancing and practice to become efficient dancers. It is the same as your school or college. As a student you have some definite responsibility to your teacher and the institution. There is a set of rules

How to Dance the Horah

No dance is more entertaining in the Jewish Culture then the Horah. Generally, it is danced at Bar/Bat/Bnai Mitzvahs, weddings or Jewish celebrations. This is a popular Israeli folk dance, which many Jewish dancers may train to perfect out of sheer enjoyment. While at a Jewish celebration (either it be a Wedding or a Bar/Bat

Ballroom Dancing in Pop Culture

Rivalry. Glamour. Defeat. Passion. It’s no wonder that ballroom dancing has caught the attention of popular culture in recent years. From films like “Strictly Ballroom” and “Mad Hot Ballroom” to television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars,” viewers have grown enamoured of the spectacular and intriguing world of

Ballroom Dancer

Do you want to become a professional ball room dancer? If “yes,” have you made yourself well prepared for it? Now, just merely thinking of becoming a professional dancer is not enough. You need to be quite serious and confident about it and once you decide to go for it, only then will you be

Step Dancing Introduction to Stepping

Step dancing is an art form that involves the entire physical body. Once a stepper is accustomed to synchronizing the sound of the stomps with his or her hand claps, it becomes fairly simple for them to learn any step. However when starting out it takes more time. An individual may not be use to

First Dance Lessons

Dancing is as easy as walking if it is taught well by a good trainer. There is certainly no age limit for learning dance. Taking your first dance lesson can be a big and sometimes a scary step in your life. In your first dance class, you will find a group of people who are

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