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Keeping artwork a safe pastime

Most people’s image of an art studio includes wooden floors, artist easel and a model lying languishly having her body painted. They may even think in terms of still life painting and cannot imagine anything toxic in a studio where a bouquet of flowers takes center stage. However, artwork goes further than that. If it

Essential books for the artist and the art lover’s library

Developing a personal art library as an artist, art educator or layperson is a valuable endeavor for any individual interested in art, culture, society or various world views. Although the question of whether art imitates life, or life imitates art cannot be answered with any certainty, the knowledge of art certainly affects and informs our

A history of henna body art

There are references that henna (called mehndi in Hindi and Urdu) has been used as far back as 9000 years. It was not at first used for body art, but used in dry hot climates for cooling the body. Making a thick paste out of the dried and then crushed Henna leaves, and soaking the

Ideas for carving new life into a dead tree

Cutting down a dead tree can be expensive and dangerous. Not only that, but cutting it down will probably leave a gap in your landscape that needs to be filled with something. A creative alternative to cutting down a dead tree is to turn it into a work of art. Get out your chisels and

The Connection between Religion, Spirituality and Art

Spirituality can mean many different things to different people. The main difference between spirituality and religion is that the latter tends to be creedal and dogmatic. While the former does often have its guidelines, it generally allows for a broader exploration of aspects of life that the individual wants to explore. Religion and spirituality are

Art is secondary to life

Art is about life; it is not life. It reflects the thoughts and emotions and actions of its creators. Although art is static, it nevertheless tells stories of those that could not be told in any other way. Why is that? A person’s actions in creating works of art are controlled by their thoughts. Their thoughts come

Visiting the art museum with children

Art museums aren’t just for grown-ups anymore. Take your children to the museum often. Most art museums are kid friendly now and even have backpack activity kits for kids to use in exploring the art world. Follow these simple guidelines for a pleasant museum visit: Keep your visit to approximately two hours. If your children

What to include in your artist’s portfolio

Applying to an art college, architectural program or for a job in the arts field will in most cases require an artist’s portfolio. Your best artistic qualities will be revealed in the art work you include in your portfolio. There will be specified guidelines for the different programs for which you may apply. Specific programs

What constitutes wearable art?

 Today we see a lot of T-shirts and pants decorated with numerous designs and images, and hear them called clothing art, or wearable art. But what actually constitutes wearable art? Is it just a fancy design on a piece of clothing, or some celebrity’s image pasted on a T-shirt? What is it exactly? Bethany Meuleners,

The power of art

Whether you use art as a therapy or just because it’s your passion, there are many therapeutic benefits to it. From the slightest doodle to the most trompe l’ eoil painting, every image is worth a thousand words. Also, doing art is best when not working under the strict guidelines of a fine arts classroom

The philosophy of Louis Sullivan: Form follows function

When one studies architecture, the quote by Louis Sullivan, “form follows function” is often seen in print. For some reason, the triple alliterative quote not only resonates throughout the world of architecture, but has invaded art in general. Its simplicity hints at a world of information enclosed within, and either forces the researcher to agree,

Safety first when creating artwork

The art studio is a place where art is created. It’s usually inspirational and chosen as the area in which artistic work can be produced. The old Masters of art may not have considered their safety as being of paramount importance, although in this day and age, it really is. Those items labeled as safe

Money behind public art monumnets

When one thinks of monuments, obviously, one of the bigger ones is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. One must almost assume that there must have been some public money spent on public art. Indeed, even if much of the initial money behind the idea for the monument was raised from private sources, there still remains

How art can deliver benefits for the wellbeing of the soul

A joke talks about someone who loses the key of his house and comes out of the house to look under the light. His wife tells him “You lost your key in the house and not on the street” and he answers that in the house there is darkness, but on the street, he can

Fooling the public’s view with trompe l’oeil

One may wonder what trompe l’œil is all about but if conversant with the French language, it becomes apparent that it means to fool the eye. This style of painting dates back beyond the Renaissance painters and one could suppose that this was artistic attempts to create three dimensional images that appeared to be real. For

Beyond postmodernism: A case for metamodernism in fine art

Postmodernism is a term that transcends art, yet in many spheres the term is not understood, or worse – misunderstood. This means that clearly defining postmodernism is of the utmost importance. However, defining postmodernism is a gigantic task and could take as long as one would like to take. For the sake of this article,

What does constitute as wearable art?

Today we see a lot of tee-shirts and pants decorated with numerous designs and images, and hear them call clothing art, or wearable art. But what actually constitutes as wearable art? Is it just a fancy design on a piece of clothing, or some Celebrity’s  image pasted on a tee-shirt? What is it exactly? Bethany