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Online Games at Pogocom

I recently discovered a great gaming site online that allows you to play really great games free of charge. You can also, for about $29.99 (special price through January 08) become a member and get more “members only games” as well as other advantages. The really cool thing about pogo? You can win money just

How to Play Ladder Golf

Before you can play a line must be set 5 paces from the ladder. This is the called the toss line. The toss line is 15 feet away but most players measure 5 paces from the game ladder to place the toss line. This allows for a closer toss line for children’s games. Ladder Golf

Weapons Policies at Sci Fi and Fantasy Conventions

Imagine, if you will, a Klingon without a weapon. How about Darth Vader without a light sabre? But try to get through the door of a Con with a 2-handed Claymore, and you may be sitting in the parking lot for the weekend. Most cons will allow weapons if they are part of a costume,

An Introduction to Renaissance Faires

Those romantic days of yore still live at renaissance faires all over the world. Always spelled with an ‘e’ at the end, and usually referred to as “faire” rather than “the faire” by regulars, faire is a way to step out of the stress and madness of the modern world and relax for a day

Fossil Fossils Tips for Fossil Hunting Fossil Hunting

When setting out to fossil hunt, there are several things to consider beforehand. Whether its choosing the right equipment and gear or knowing where to look and documenting your finds, these are just some of many tips for fossil hunting. Below is information for those who have an interest into paleontology and gathering fossils. Location,

The best Games to Improve Memory

Exercise strengthens and builds muscles. Memory games will strengthen and build your brain the same way. With memory a use it or lose it’ proposition, you’d do well to add memory games to your daily exercise program. There are board games like Trivial Pursuit, Concentration, and Go to the Head of the Class that rely

Tips for Fossil Hunting

Fossil hunting can be so exciting. To find the remains of a creature that lived thousands, if not millions, of years ago is absolutely thrilling. Actually, a fossil is not only about the remains of a dead animal or plant, it can also be the imprint that the creature/plant has made in the rock. This

Used Books on the Internet a Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying used books online, you need to consider three things: the safety of your credit/debit card number, the price of the book and the cost of shipping and handling. Big, established merchants tend to be more trustworthy, but it’s the little guy that usually offers the best prices. The good news

The Art of Story Telling

When I was a kid, Dad would tell me a story each morning as we waited for the school bus. This tale was often a series, that would not be started up again till next morn. That was how I came to look forward to those bleak dawn mornings (or at least partly did). Now,

How to Build a Horseshoe Pit

Building a perfect horseshoe pit will bring years of enjoyment. It’s a fun way to enjoy physical activity with family and friends. Once you’ve purchased a good set of horseshoes and you’ve played some games at your local park or friends’ homes, you’ll want to build your own horseshoe pit. The location of your permanent