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Bike Games Online Bmx Games Bike Games Flash Games Bicycle Games Bike Tricks Racing Games

On the Internet exists countless bike games online, but it is usually hard to know the appropriate choice for yourself. You will soon discover the three major styles of bicycle games, the lone thing that is the same among them is that they are all free. These are the trials-oriented, the stunt-oriented, and the racing-style

Where to Find Cryptic Crossword Puzzles Online

Word games are popular all over the World. Crossword puzzles are the most popular of all word puzzles. Cryptic crossword puzzles are a variation on a theme and are extremely popular too. Cryptic means hidden, a cryptic crossword simply means that the clues are not straightforward but lead you to the answer by various cunning

Drinking Game Poontang Beer Pong Flip Cup Mixed

Having multiple drinking games for a party is ideal for having a good time. Poontang is fast paced and can add an intense, competitive energy to the party. Make sure to have plenty of room and beer before starting this game. Poontang is a mixture between the games of beer pong and flip cup. Two

Rube Goldberg and his Inventive Contraptions

Rube Goldberg was born on July 4, 1883 and died on December 7, 1970. His father, a San Francisco police and fire commissioner, led him to study engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. According to bio.True Story, after he graduated in 1904, Goldberg took his first job as a sewer system designer for the

Cell Phone Bingo

Getting to play bingo on a mobile phone is by all means a bonus to all avid gamesters who would not lose an opportunity to indulge in their favorite game. Mobile bingo is widely acknowledged as the next-generation format of the game, mainly targeted to suit the comfort and requirements of all those ardent bingo

Things you could be doing instead of Watching TV

Television is one of life’s great time wasters. A lot of people devote a large portion of their free time during the day to allow the trance of television to capture them. But there are many other worthwhile activities a person could devote some of their free time towards. Instead of watching television, why not

Alternative Activities to Watching TV or Alternative Activities to Watching Television

Whether you are just waking up or coming home from work, there is always the temptation to turn the TV on. This is certainly an option that many people choose to engage in everyday (myself included). I see nothing wrong with watching TV, but everything needs to be done in moderation. People who tend to engage

Lottery Winning the Pick 3

The only real “winners” in the state lotteries are the states themselves, either the Lottery Commission or whatever charity they claim to be funding. While educational lotteries sound wonderful, and I know students who actually get money from the Educational Lottery to go to college, the real money goes to someone else. Of course, I’ve

Book Reviews Enochian Chess Book three Alpha et Omega by Steve Nichols

One of the tools (techniques) taught to the Adepts of Golden Dawn (and other esoteric Orders based upon it) is Enochian Chess. Part entertainment, part active magical working, part divination (depending upon the intent of the players); Enochian Chess is deeply rooted in the symbolism of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric Order founded in 1888.

Book Reviews Enochian Chess Book two Practical by Steve Nichols

The traditional rules for Enochian Chess as revealed by the works of Israel Regardie (based on the documents of the Stella Matutina, a later branch of the Golden Dawn), are incomplete and unfinished. Even with the additional information of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega (which can be found both online and in

Does Reading Make you Smarter or more Enlightened

Analytically speaking reading in and of itself does not enlighten or make one smarter. If that were true then I would be a genius by now as one of my goals as a child was to read and memorize an entire set of encylcopedias. Needless to say after reading the entire set of encyclopedias I

Reading as a Hobby Escape in a Good Book

I learned to read when I was about four years old, listening to my next older brother learn to read. By the time I started school at six, I was not only reading his third-grade books, but the next brother’s fifth-grade books. At eight or nine, I read my first two “big” books: one was

Online Gambling could you Lose everything

Many people are able to gamble on the odd occasion and leave it at that. Many others get hooked soon after they start – perhaps follows a big win or a series of wins. If your attempts at gambling have always resulted in losing on experiencing only the occasional small win, then you are unlikely

Lottery Playing Pick 4

Playing the Pick 4 is easy. Choose a 4-digit number (repeats numerals pay better), and fill out a lottery ticket. I know people who play their mail box numbers, or the numerals in their car’s license plates or even the last four numbers of their social security number. Others pick their birthdays (month and day,

Winning Lottery Numbers Pick Ticket Cash Win Odds Chance Power Ball Mega Millions Scratch off

Lottery games, where a player purchases a set of numbers in hopes they’ll match the prize winning numbers, are played all over the world. Over 100 nations sponsor lotteries, with the biggest ( Japan’s Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank Lottery), selling $7.9 billion (USD) worth of tickets in 2001. The UK, Spain, and France also have very

Are Board Games or Video Games more Entertaining – Video

The purpose of a game is to entertain the audience. It used to be the board game that reigned supreme as the master of entertainment, in a time before technological advances, but this is far from the case at present. Board games have been replaced by computer games as the main form of entertainment in

Treasure Hunting for Sunstones

What are sunstones and where can I find them? Sunstones are formed in molten lava and found in volcanic vents that have erupted from volcanoes. When the lava rock is weathered away or broken up the sunsone crystals are exposed. Sunstone is a transparent, yellowish labradorite found as crystals in these volcanic rocks. Colors can

Online Betting Defining Arbitrage

HOW TO MIDDLE AN NFL GAME The more sophisticated term “arbitrage” is used to describe what the everyday gambler calls a “Middle.” A successful “Middle” of a game in the NFL happens when you have made a point-spread bet on each team in the same game, and you win both bets. How is this accomplished?

Book Reviews Enochian Chess Book one Foundations by Steve Nichols

The first book of a set of four, “Enochian Chess (Book One): Foundations” by Steve Nichols is an attempt to divorce Enochian Chess from its association with Golden Dawn and move it towards being a complete system of spiritual development unto itself. While I can understand the goal of the author, I am not sure

Why is the Horse Track the most Fun Place to Gamble

 The anticipation of the outcome, this is what makes gambling so fun. The excitement of beating the odds and turning a few dollars into a few thousand is something every gambler hopes to experience, and there is no place more enjoyable to try and achieve this than at the racetrack watching the ponies run. From

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