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My Size Barbie

My Size Barbie is a large Barbie doll meant to replicate a regular Barbie but be the same size as your child. It is a popular toy that is sold in toy stores, toy departments and online in sources like Amazon. My Size Barbie is an official toy from the Mattel corporation. It has made

Leapfrog Leappad2 Explorer Accessories

The newest rage in hand-held gaming devices for young children is the Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer. Children everywhere are falling in love with the well-made child-friendly device. With every great product comes accessories for those who love what they have but just want to have more. Leapfrog has provided quality accessories for the LeapPad2 Explorer. When

Orchard Jigsaw Puzzle

At the age of two and a half, my daughter had long since mastered simple wooden peg puzzles and two and three piece jigsaws, so I thought it might be fun for her to move on and try something bigger and more complicated. I didn’t choose this puzzle, but had asked her uncle to get

Educational Game Memory Game Jigsaw Item Cards Board Game Kids Board Game Orchard Toys

My son received Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game for his 3rd birthday from his friend and it is such a great board game that we play about 3-4 times a week. Now my kids are on holiday so I had a chance to open the box without anyone asking me to play. The game comes

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

While it might not be something that a lot of parents think of, doing jigsaw puzzles with your kids has a lot of benefits for them. The main benefit of doing jigsaw puzzles with your kids, or when your kids do them together without you or another parent, is the talking that goes on. Doing

Toys Kids can Share

You may want your children to learn about cooperative play. Playing together with toys is a great way to encourage this type of play in your children. There are certain toys that lend themselves to this sort of positive behavior. Dollhouse/dolls If you have two little girls, then a dollhouse can make a great gift.

Great Toys for Kids to Share

It is very important for children to share. One way to encourage sharing is to get cooperative toys. This also is good because most people do not have room in the home for two of every toy. There are certain toys that are great for kids to share. Dollhouse A dollhouse is a great toy

Webkinz Toys Plush

Webkinz are amazing stuffed animals that are perfect for this technology advanced day in age. They can literally occupy kids, and adults for hours at a time. Webkinz are small plush animals that almost resemble a Beanie Baby. Every single Webkinz pet comes with its own unique code that can be typed in on the

Should you let your Kids Play War

Many parents let their kids play war, in which the children pretend to be soldiers fighting on the good and bad sides. Some parents do not allow their children to play this game. There are both advantages and disadvantages to letting children play war, which include the following. Many parents do not want their children

Fun Night Games for Kids

Whether entertaining boys or girls, older or younger these games are great for all occasions. The best part is that they’re easy to maintain and supervise. Group games are even enjoyable for adults to join in, so come on everyone and let’s have some fun! When things are getting chaotic nothing rounds them up like

Great Toys when you want Quiet

You may have had enough of toys that bang, sound sirens, talk and make other noises. Many toys are extremely loud and can make your child hyper and give you a headache. There are a number of toys that are good for quiet time. Dolls/characters Children are often relatively quiet and calm when they play

How to know if your Kids Toys have been Recalled

Every country has product and safety laws that are in place to protect the quality and ingredients of most items available to consumers. Toy safety is one that is if utmost importance as they’re played with often. The recent toy recalls witnessed due to high levels of lead and illegal substances found in the “Bindeez”

Toys that Teach Abcs

Parents get excited when their child begins saying and then recognizing the letters of the alphabet. Besides singing the song over and over or using flashcards, parents have lots of options to help their children learn reading skills. Check out these toys; they will help your child learn his ABCs. My Own Leaptop LeapFrog is one

Looking for Educational Toys for Young Children

If you are looking for a suitable and interesting present for a child aged three and above then the box of Galt First Octons may be the ideal toy. There is nothing hi-tech about these simple interlocking plastic shapes but they seem to be fascinating to youngsters. Galt have them on offer at a good

Olivia the Pig

What’s black and white and red all over? Olivia, the Piglet! If you don’t know who Olivia is, there is a good chance you do not have a preschool child in the family. Olivia is a piglet, created by author Ian Falconer, as a gift for his new niece, Olivia. Because he decided to share

Your Reactions to the 2007 Recall of Aqua Dots Craft Kits

I remember when I first heard of Aqua Dots. There was a commercial for them on television. At that point, you could only buy them on television if you called their eight hundred number. Their asking price as twenty-five dollars. Aqua Dots is a child’s art toy. It is a simple idea really. You get

Galt Barbie Bead Bonanza

Galt toys cannot compete with the all of the electronic and computerised games that are in the shops today. Yet many of the toys produced by Galt are fun as well as educational. The Galt Barbie bead bonanza is every little girls dream. The bead set is an introduction to craft and Galt recommend it

Great Toys for a Child who wants to be an Astronaut

If your child wants to be the next Neil Armstrong, then you can get a great toy to fuel his or her interest. There are many toys that will work for budding astronauts of different age levels and skills. You can get him or her a variety of these toys. Space shuttle model You can

Where to Find American Made Toys for Kids

Many of the toys you see for sale at major toy stores and department store chains are made in China, and with the recent recalls of foreign-made toys and the recent worries about foreign-made toys that are readily available in the American market, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I find American-made toys for

Fancy Nancy

To say that Fancy Nancy is the character in a series of books by Jane O’Connor who was drawn by Robin Priess Glasser would be a tremendous understatement. Yes, the information is true, but Fancy Nancy is a character who is so much larger than life that she has taken on a life of her