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Online Dolls Contribute to Childrens Happiness – Yes

The world our children are currently living in is increasingly becoming dependent on computer technology. Either a parent can accept this fact or will not accept it, but no matter what, their child will be exposed to a computer. Whether it be in school, at a library, or a friend’s house the child will be

Barbie Dolls Barbie as a Role Model for Young Girls

Barbie is a symbol of the American Dream. Young girls idolize her, because she is what they have been taught to want for themselves. In some ways, this idolatry has had a positive impact, while it has harmed young girls, as well.First, let us examine the aspects of Barbie’s “life,” so to speak. Barbie has

Custom Action Figures how to Set up your Customizing Work Area

Setting up a customizing work space can be the best thing you’ll ever do for your hobby. After all, customizations don’t happen in a few hours! Add up all the drying, tweaking and setbacks and they can take you weeks of work. Without a place of their own, the body parts of several villains will

Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

It’s hard to be sure whether anatomically correct dolls are particularly harmful.  They are not, however, necessary for small children.  The fact is that children really do not care if their dolls have all the same parts that humans do.  All they want is to have a doll to cuddle and hold like a mother

Custom Action Figures Cape Making Tips

When I set out to make anything custom I put a lot of thought into it. Remember that it is the details that will set good work apart. Also keep in mind that there are as many cape styles as there are action characters. It is important to have a clear idea in your head

Buyers Guide to Sports Action Figures

Sports action figures are the target of hobbyists around the world. As a buyer of sports action figures, you need to be savvy and knowledgeable, not falling for any ruses. Naive dupes and rubes are constantly fodder for the purveyor of sports action figures. A watchful eye and a sensible budget will help you when

Best Toys for 5 to 7 Year Olds

Fisher Price Linkz Doll-This interactive doll allows access to the on line community, where you can watch her hair grow and change colors, and more. Since Dora is a favorite for this age, this is a great gift idea. Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles- With these goggles, you are able to see in up to 50

Help Children Enjoy Education in their Spare Time

What a lot of parents don’t realize is how educational globe style jigsaw puzzles are for children. They are fun, but they’re more than that. The educational value of these puzzles takes on several forms. It’s certainly worthwhile looking into them as an alternative for the child, based on their age and capability, since the

Great Kids Books for Summer Reading in 2011

Every summer, school-aged children look forward to a much needed break from the routine of their school schedule. For parents, summer brings the dilemma of how to give children a break from schoolwork without losing the skills they learned during the year. In every subject, reading comprehension lays a foundation for success in school, so

Selecting Travel Toys for Kids

Traveling with children can be frustrating and sometimes a little frightening. The challenge of keeping children occupied for long periods of time in a confined space is not one most parents are eager to embrace. However, in today’s world, there will be times when it is necessary to travel with children. When this happens, it

The Importance of Selecting Age appropriate Toys

Toys are clearly labeled with an age range to help consumers identify toys that are suitable for the intended recipient. The labels are prominent on the packaging to clearly show the age specifications. Whilst the age label is a helpful guide to consumers, it is also a necessary requirement. Toys are put through stringent tests

History of Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs are notched building blocks used to create barns, cabins and other buildings. From 1924 to today, Lincoln Logs have entertained and educated our children. Years have done little to diminish their popularity. A popular toy, Lincoln Logs were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999.  Growing up in the home of

Best Harry Potter Toys

The franchise may have grown up a bit over time, but Harry Potter will always be rooted in childlike mysticism and wonder. As a fantasy series (and one that’s been turned into movies, no less) visuals are highly important to telling the story, and as a bonus, those same visuals also make for some awesome

Quidditch Toys

Given that it’s a fictional sport requiring flying broomsticks, it’s a bit difficult for most kids to really emulate the whole Quidditch thing. Play time will never quite look like the movies. Imagination is a big contributor, though, and with some help from a few toys younger Harry Potter fans can at least come close

Nintendo Toys

Nintendo is the undisputed king of kid-themed video games, so it’s hardly shocking that they’ve also managed to churn out a lot of toys based on their games. If you love any Nintendo game, you owe it to yourself to have at least one of these iconic characters staring at you while you play your

Christmas 2009

Hottest Toys for Boys Ages 8-12 Looking for the perfect toys for boys ages 8-12? Stores have new items for kids like every two weeks. Christmas is coming up and you are probably wondering what to pick for your son. There are a lot of cool new gifts to choose from, but I suggest that

Hottest Crafts of 2009

Christmas is vastly approaching, when searching for a craft toy this holiday season think fun, and think educational. Craft toys are on the rise to the top of being the hottest new innovative toy for the holiday season. So what’s hot and what is not? Check out here for the hottest in craft toys for

Toy Drawing Boards

Magnetic drawing boards come in all sorts of styles and a range of prices, but they tend to do the same basic job. They each come with a screen and a magnetic pen to draw on it with. There are often shaped magnets or ‘stampers’ that come with them. The screen can be drawn on

Christmas 2009 Hottest Toys for Babies up to 12 Months

Christmas 2009: Hottest toys for babies (up to 12 months) Looking for the perfect gifts for babies up to 12 months? There are a lot of gifts for babies that are made like every two weeks, but the most popular items at Wal-Mart that include information are: Playstations and Walkers A popular playstaton and walker

Tips for Buying a Toy Kitchen

Child development experts have said that children with healthy imaginations will engage in pretend play. Toy kitchens are perfect for pretend play for young children. When purchasing a toy kitchen you basically want to get the most bang for your buck. Keep reading for more tips on purchasing that perfect toy kitchen for your toddler.