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Party Games Bore Kids Won’t

The child who is bored is every parent’s dread – not least at a birthday party they are hosting! Children can be bored for different reasons – because they are not winning, because the game is dragging on and they are frustrated, because it isn’t clear what to do, because they have simply being doing

Tips for Taking Photographs of your Customized Action Figures

Pride exudes from every pore in your entire body. You have finally collected all of your favorite action figures, and you would like to photograph them for posterity purposes. You know that you want the figures to look timeless, and at their resplendent best. Do you need to own an expensive camera and all of

Disney Princess Megasketcher

My daughter was given this toy around four months ago. The receipt was in the bag and I was startled to see that it had cost GBP 20.00. My daughter had previously owned a drawing board bought for a quarter of the price and I could see no real difference in quality between the two.

Christmas 2007 Hottest Toys for 1 to 2 Year old Kids

When your baby is the age of one or two, they can still get a lot of use out of their infant toys. Most of the toys that are geared for ages six months and up are usually appropriate until your child turns three years old. However there are more toys that are sure to

Christmas 2009 Hottest new Craft Toys

Christmas is an exciting time for children and its often a little stressful for the adults, shopping, and rushing around trying to find the perfect present, for your niece or nephew, son or daughter, or grandchild and in our time of the computer age, its hard not to just buy the latest computer game and

Christmas 2007 Hottest new Action Figures

Christmas 2007: Hottest new action figures Talk about Ben Tennyson and the boys will go crazy. Girls will swoon over the latest Barbie Doll and her adventures. Why are the boys and girls falling head over heels for these? I believe it is the concept of weaving realism and fantasy around these toys that makes

How to Build an Igloo Playhouse for your Kids

If you’re in the mood for building something fun, creative and unconventional for your kids, why not try an igloo? It’s pretty easy, doesn’t cost much and your kids will love it as it can be used both indoors or out. To build an igloo big enough for your kids to use as a playhouse,

Christmas Gift Ideas best Bratz Kidz Dolls for 5 Year old Girls

The 5 year old girl is just beginning to identify her dolls as more than just simple toys. They are just beginning to gain the dexterity to dress a doll. The play doll for a girl of this age should be basic and uncomplicated yet interesting. Below are a few suggestions for Bratz dolls for

Hottest Toys for Teens

Hottest Toys For Teens A group of teens and I asked other teens around the neighborhood and at school what were the hottest toys that they would want to receive, and we came up with the following results: Razor Electric Pocket Mod Scooter, Vapor Black Some teens around the age of fourteen and fifteen said

Christmas 2007 Hottest new Outdoor Toys

Ask any child development expert and they will tell you that all children need about an hour of outdoor play everyday to help stimulate their mind and release built up energy. Believe it or not, there are tons of outdoor toys for all ages, sure to keep kids busy outside no matter what the temperature.

Webkinz Shopping

Best Stores to Buy Webkinz It’s that Holiday Time again.  Kids will be filling their wish lists and their parents will be looking for the best stores to buy the most coveted toys for the Holiday season.  I have two daughters that love stuffed animals.  Webkinz are cute and you can care for them online

Look Alike Dolls Comparing American Girl and my Twinn Dolls

She sits in a wooden highchair in the kitchen and watches the family eat pasta and meatballs every Sunday. She never eats with us. But we enjoy her company just the same. She is my mother-in-law’s vinyl toddler and she bears a striking resemblance to my mother-in-law. She’s a customized “look alike” doll. Just how

Christmas 2007 Hottest Toys for Babies up to 12 Months

Young babies are learning a lot during their first year of life, from their first smile to their first step. This time of their life is crucial for helping them along with their milestones so you should purchase toys that would assist you with cognitive development and help improve their fine and gross motor skills.

Christmas 2007 Hottest Toys for 5 to 7 Year old Boys

As the mother of a five year old son, I recently went through the question of what to purchase for a boy in this age range. It is a difficult age to purchase for as boys this age are too old for the preschool toys, yet too young for the “tween” toys. However after roaming

Advanced Yo Yo Tricks

Learning to throw a yo-yo and calling it home on command is the basic step to any yo-yo trick.  Once you have perfected this feat you are ready to impress yourself and your friends with more advanced tricks!  Most advanced tricks begin with moves you learned as a beginner.  The Trapeze is an important trick

Great Toys for Long Car Trips

A toy trip can be difficult enough for an adult, but for a child it can be even more so. If you do not want to hear a chorus of “Are we there yets?” then you might want to bring something to entertain your child. There are many wonderful toys that can entertain your child.

Review of Noddy Train Set

I decided to get the My First Noddy train set for my daughter after seeing it in Toys R Us. My reasoning behind the purchase was that she liked Noddy, didn’t have a train set, the toy looked good and it was reasonably priced. It comes in a big colourful carboard box which is rather

Building Blocks you can Decorate

Building blocks have always been excellent toys for children.  They encourage the imagination. Blocks teach the basics of scientific principles. Children begin to understand cause and effect. They are affordable and completely gender proof. What could possible be better than building blocks? The answer has to be chalkboard blocks. They are quite easy to make

Best Outdoor Summer Toys for Kids 2011 best Outdoor Toys Childrens Toys

We all enjoy summer, especially the kids. School is out and it’s time for fun. As a parent, sometimes we wonder what the kids should be doing. Swimming and running around is fun, but what kinds of toys should the kids play with. We want them to be safe, but to have fun too. Here

Science Related Toys

Many children loves science and long to become scientists and explore the mysteries of the universe. If you know a child with such an interest, you can get a toy that relates to this. There are many such toys available for children of all different ages and all different scientific interests. Many children love astronomy