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The Super Chipmunk Remote Control Airplane

The Super Chipmunk has been around since Art Shules flew the full scale version in aerobatic championships. With his small dog sitting on his shoulders, He would fly his Super Chipmunk to first place wins from the 1960’s to the early 90’s, until the eventful event of his death. The Super Chipmunk is a very

How do different Remote Controlled Models Work

Radio controlled, or RC, cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and just about anything else you can imagine, are truly a feat of engineering and electronic artistry. while the concepts used have remained consistent over the last several decades, the hobby has been impacted by advancements by everything from cell phones, television, video camcorders, and especially, the

Electric Train Setmodel Railroadfictional Railwaythomas the Tank Engineexpensive Engine

Model trains provide a huge return on your investment, or money paid by a relative or friend. They will give hours of fun to a child with imagination, and encourage lateral thinking, due to the permutations of the rail track layouts. For some children it becomes a lifetime hobby, and they continue to collect and

Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers

It seems so long ago but I can still remember it as if it was yesterday! Over 25 years ago when I was an elementary student at Seven Valleys Elementary School in Pennsylvania collecting scratch and sniff stickers was all the rage among all the girls in my class. In fourth and fifth grade me

Starwars Lego Merchanting

LEGO is probably the essence of a kids imagination. You can make anything as long as you have the bricks of course! But Star Wars lego is a lot more different. It has features just like the stuff in the movies, yet it gives some room for imagination to customize and make your own creations.

Outdoor Railways

First things first. An outdoor railway plan is a huge hobby. Make no mistake this is not a weekend home improvement project. It will require tact and patience if you are to do it well. According to my thirty years expert hobbyist, and neighbor, “you’ve got to get the wife’s approval too.” After all you’re

Understanding Model Airplane Plans

Making sense of model airplane plans is something that comes very easily to me; and (for example) learning Spanish is something that is impossible for me. There are many people in the world who have an easy time with languages and will find following model airplane plans to be nearly impossible. I will attempt to

How to Make a Lego Custom Clone

Do you know what LEGO is? Yes, it’s those bricks that you can use to create almost anything. But starwars LEGO is more, because you imagine anything from starwars and make it. See something in the movies or cartoon shows that isn’t available in Lego’s? You can’t just sit there, why don’t you just make

Lego Mindstorms Buying Guide

Lego Mindstorms robotics kits combine accessibility, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology in one slick package. Clearly designed for aspirant programmers of all ages, they’re not only a lot of fun to use but also make excellent educational toys. The current NXT kits have come a long way since they debuted in 1998, and while third-party code

Would i like Nitro Rc Cars

Do you like speed, gas, and power. If you do you would love Nitro RC cars. Nitro RC cars a full of fun. You can buy a simple Nitro RC car for cheap. You can also put of money in them. You can buy a Nitro RC car ready to race. You can buy one

Starwars Lego Collecting

The craze for Star Wars figures, ships and other assorted memorabilia started soon after the cinema release of the original “Star Wars” trilogy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These early items have become modern collectibles and rare items have become serious investments. At the same period in time the popularity of the Danish

Lego Bionicle Action Figures

The LEGO Bionicle universe has a rich storyline supporting its yearly releases of new figures. The universe was created by the Great Beings, who created the Matoran (the civilians of the Bionicle universe) as well as the Toa (the inherit heroes of the universe). The first storyline focused on the “Mask of Light” which was

Helicopter Skiing

Explore the Most Amazing Slopes Helicopter Skiing in Chilean Patagonia! Patagonia is one of the most exotic and admirable sites you can ever visit. Just look for “Patagonia” on Google and see photos of the incredible view and impressive vista. How about helicopter skiing on those incredible and unexplored slopes? Want to be one of

Collecting Lima Model Trains

Model railways have long been a popular hobby amongst both the young and old, and over the years there have been a number of notable companies producing a wide range of products. Today the numbers may have been much reduced because of financial issues, and the market is now dominated by the likes of Hornby

Guide to High Quality Ho Model Trains

Around the world the HO scale of model railways is by far and away the most popular. As a result of this popularity there are many firms producing products for a HO layout, and there are of course some firms that are producing to the highest standards. It is perhaps difficult for me to name

Hkh 450 Radio Controlled Helicopter

HKH 450 Radio Controlled Helicopter, or Send in the Clones. The hobby of radio-controlled helicopters is going through a bit of a revolution at the moment. This is due to ever more cheap Trex 450 clones appearing on the market. To explain, the 450 size helicopters are much more stable in flight than the smaller

How to Make Custom Lego Clones

LEGO custom clones, like anything with the word custom in it, it requires skill above all, and own creative ideas. There are endless ways to make your own custom clones, whether you want to make some from the moves/cartoon shows or just invent your own. It’s freedom to do whatever you want, make anything you

Model Train Scales

For a newcomer to model railways it can be difficult to know which model train scale is best to build a layout with. There are in excess of twenty different scales recognised by model railway enthusiast, and whilst there are some which are more popular than others, the likes of G, O, HO/OO, N and

Collecting Ho Scale Model Trains

HO is a popular scale for anyone, particularly the collector. The HO scale started in the United Kingdom in the 1930’s as an alternative to the established 00 gauge, so these early trains from the United Kingdom are a wonderful collectible to hunt for. The HO scale failed to find a place until the 1950’s

How to get Started with Ho Model Trains

The HO scale of model railways is by far and away the world’s favourite scale to model in, especially so if you include the UK’s HO/OO scale in this calculation. Popularity though does not always make it an easy scale to make a start with. The range of products available is often overwhelming and trying