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Radio Controlled Boats

There are so many choices you face when deciding which of the many radio controlled boats is right for your needs. One of the main things to take a close look at the type of hull each boat has. The shape of the boats hull is a huge factor in a boats speed, its stability,

The Art of z Scale Model Trains

In the world of model railways O Gauge, HO/OO and N Gauge have long dominated the scale of layouts being made by enthusiasts. In recent years though, an improvement in technology and a general lack of space for layouts has seen the emergence in Z scale modelling. Z scale, or Z gauge, model trains are

The best Model Train Shows

It does not matter if you are a veteran model railroader with your own empire in the basement or if you have a coffee table Z scale layout that your grandfather passed down to you, there is something about the lure of the train that we can all feel. That same lure can draw us

Best Online Hobby Stores for the Model Railroader

The best online hobby store for model railroad trains would have to be it offers a large selection of trains such as electric train sets, N scale trains, HO scale trains, O scale trains, and so on. the website is user friendly and offers an easy to use interface for anyone to navigate through

Radio Controlled Modeling as a Family Hobby

We live in an age where it’s becoming more difficult to drag your children away from the technology of computer screens and game consuls. Isn’t it great that you can now use that technology to let your family do something together again. This is the advantage of radio controlled modelling as a family hobby. It’s

Weathering Trains

Weathering model trains can be done via many modalities. Chalks are the most common, however, it is difficult to get them finely ground manually and they tend to blow off or dissolve in the dull coat. Bragdon makes a set, but it gets messy over time and it is hit or miss whether it will

Rc Helicopters the Basic Types

RCHelicopters can be a really fun hobby but only if you make the right decisions. First off you have to make sure you can easily obtain parts for it when you take a tumble to the ground. After that you just have to decide which type to go with. In this article the three basic

What you can Build with Lego Mindstorms

The possibilities of building with Lego Mindstorms are almost literally limitless, with the combination of computers and robotics into regular Lego pieces. Robotic arms, racing machines, to full blown operating robots, anything you can think up can be built with Lego Mindstorms. The variety of pieces Lego Mindstorms offers is what fuels these possibilities. NXT

Radio Controlled Helicopter Reviews the Honeybee King 2

The problem with getting into radio-controlled helicopter flying, is knowing where to start. Browsing the various Internet RC forums is a good source of information on the available models, and will help you make up your mind. During your research you will come across the mention of a 30 size electric helicopter called the Esky

Caring for Plastic Model Trains

The model trains of today are relatively fragile things, made from a mixture of plastic and metals. Their predecessors, the metal Hornby O Gauge, were built of much sturdier materials and as a result were nigh on indestructible. Model trains though are now less of a plaything and more pieces of precision engineering, collectibles and

Collecting and Building Aurora World War one Model Aircraft

The 1950s were a time of great expansion amongst model manufacturers, and with new plastic technology and manufacturing processes, highly detailed and relatively cheap models could be produced. One of the most famous firms from this period was the Aurora model company, who competed with the likes of Monogram and Revell. Today the firm of

Model Kits

For any model enthusiast a model kit will be a massive hit on their Christmas list this year. These days you can get models of everything, from landmarks to your favourite cars. The great thing about model kits is that you can get high quality materials at a relatively cheap price, meaning you can get

Radio Control Flying

Radio-Controlled Flying, Day 1 At 63 I still hadn’t got my feet wet in the hobby of radio-controlled (RC) aircraft flying. The bug had been with me since I was a pre-teen. Back then I saw the building and flying of scaled-down, motorized aircraft as something way beyond my abilities. That didn’t stop me from

A brief History of Model Trains

In the early 1890’s a German toy company called Marklin devised an ingenious plan. They created a toy line specifically targeted at boys that would be ever expanding. Just as a girl’s doll would need a new dress, a house, a kitchen table to put in the house, and so on, the Marklin toy train

Electronic Kit Beginners Fun

Electronic kits can be fun and exciting toys, but if you are only a beginner, it can sometimes be hard to find the right one that is not too hard to do and at the same time not too easy. If you choose the right one, you will probably have tons of fun with it,

Hottest Model Kits of 2009

This Holiday season when shopping for model kits keep in mind that they are more than just plastic replicas of automobiles these days. Model kits are becoming a hot item this holiday season, so weather they enjoy cars, planes, knives, and even action figures there is a model kit out there on the market for

To Build or not to Build your Rc Vehicle

The main problem with RC helicopters is that if you want anything worth flying, you have to pay a healthy sum for it. We are talking of an entry level of 250 size, belt drive helicopters. If you want the helicopter to be completely ready to fly, you will probably have to pay someone even

Collecting American Model Trains

As a brand name American Model Trains was a relatively short-lived company, and yet collecting American Model Trains remains a popular pastime. The names of Lionel and American Flyer are well known by the general public today, and even the likes of Marx bring forth recognition, and yet American Model Trains is a name generally

Radio Controlled Helicopters the Fun of a Rc Hobby

Have you walked past a hobby or model store and found yourself staring lovingly at that radio controlled helicopter in the window display? Well, be afraid; be very afraid, because this is the start of an all-consuming passion. The idea will drift through your mind of buying one of those beasts, and flying it about

Radio Controlled Helicopters as a Hobby

What starts you onto a particular hobby, and how do you keep the fun in it. In my case, I always wanted to fly a radio-controlled helicopter, but they seemed well out of my price and knowledge range. My first helicopter had a 2 channel transmitter, which meant it went up, down, left, and right.