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Weird Unusual and Quirky Museums in Ma Toilets Paper Dirt Bad Art Shovels and Thermometers

Quirky? Oddball? Unique? Whatever you call them, if you want to go off the beaten path, these museums are for you. THE AMERICAN SANITARY AND PLUMBING MUSEUM Learn about the evolution of plumbing and bathroom fixtures at this unique museum. Housed in a 150 year old former ice house, a collection of pipes, toilets and

Museum Exhibit without Disappointment

Museum Visit A well-planned museum offers items of interest ofor many people even the ones who thought a museum visit a bore.. Many a woman has forced a man to accompany her to a museum and he found some portion of the collection that interested. In addition, museums have more to see than you can

Pinakothek Der Moderne Munich Germany

Situated in the immediate vicinity of the Alte Pinakothek (art of the Old Masters to the 18th century) and the Neue Pinakothek (art of the 18th and 19th centuries), the Pinakothek der Moderne forms a troika with its predecessors. The building itself, designed by the American architect Stephan Braunfels, is worth a visit, it has

A Visitors Guide to Paul Reveres House in Boston

The story of Paul Revere and his “midnight ride” to herald the start of what would become the American Revolutionary War, has been familiar to almost every school-aged child for generations. For over a century, visitors to Boston have been able to see the house where Revere lived during this historic time. The Paul Revere

New Museum the Elemental Museum

The Elemental Museum: Before the atomic age, we had the four perceived elements of Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire. Everything stemmed from and was built with these gifts from the gods. We now take them for granted, but our ancient forbearers depended upon them, nay, prayed for them, for their lives. So, what better way

Elgin Marbles British Museum

The British museum has a history going back some two hundred and fifty years, and the museum now houses some thirteen million objects. It started though in pre-Empire days from donated personal collections. The British Museum has paid also for excavations around the world, and has greatly benefited from the items gathered. From a start

History and Description of the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is one of the most famous and iconic museums in the world. It is the largest national museum in France, and the most visited museum on the planet. The Louvre is located in the first arrondissement or neighborhood of Paris on the Right Bank of the Seine River. The museum consists of

West African Art

I feel that I should start out by saying that African art never particularly interested me; most of what I have seen on display were non-practical religious objects that may have been used once or twice in ceremony and then cast aside afterwards. Most, if not all of these objects were made of wood or

Guide to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A breathtaking adornment and a crown jewel that attracts visitors from all over the world, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is known for its collections, exquisite exhibitions and enriching programs. Situated on the west end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the museum’s presence adds to the beauty and the cultural history of the city. One

Special Museums in Mass Stamps Photography Fire Industry Public Health Antique Cars Printing

Some museums have a broad theme such as science or art. These museums have a special focus giving visitors a more in depth view of one subject: THE SPELLMAN MUSEUM OF STAMPS & POSTAL HISTORY The Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History is located on the campus of Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. By

Early Works Museum

Looking for your next family adventure or classroom field trip? Come check out Early Works Museum. Children of all ages will learn history from hands on activities and so much more. Early Works Museum is the largest hands-on history museum in the South. It allows children of all ages to come and experience history with

Sci Quest

With over a hundred permanent hands-on exhibits in seven areas of science, kids of all ages keep coming back again and again for laughter, fun, and learning. Sci-Quest was founded by a group of volunteers in 1989 and was open to the public in 1990. This museum helps children learn about science, mathematics, and technology.

Childrens Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest children’s museum in the world. Founded in 1924 by Mary Stewart Carey, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has visitors come from all over the world. The museum has eleven galleries that house learning in the areas of history, world cultures, natural science, physical sciences, and art. Although

How to get Free Museum Tickets and Discounts

I went on a hunt to scout out some practical ways to obtain free admission to various museums or cultural attractions in the US and beyond and came up with the below alternatives. Some of these opportunities are 100% free and some, for the real serious museum connoisseurs, require a fee but still in the

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Imagine lush desert vegetation, a variety of native animals and intriguingly shaped saguaros. Should you decide to visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, you will get all the above in just one trip. The beauty of this museum lies mainly in the fact that its animals are presented in their natural settings giving the visitor

Boston Childrens Museum

The Boston Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum for children of all ages for over 90 years. The exhibits focus on science, history, art, environmental awareness, as well as health and fitness. Founded in 1913 by Boston public school teachers, the museum still gives strong support to educators as well as to the parents of

History of the Hermitage Museum St Petersburg Russia

In 1917, following the revolutions that plagued Russia, the Hermitage became a national museum. Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Hermitage Museum is a spectacularly built structure partially constructed of semiprecious stones. The museum consists of several buildings and a theater, one wing was added by Czar Nicholas I which is known as the New

Field Museum

Ah, the Field Museum. The big marble jewel of Chicago’s Museum Campus. The place where curious onlookers can engage with a Tyrannosaurus Rex (Sue!) a mummy and a pack of man eating lions and still feel a little freaked out despite the fact that all of these things are dead and behind plate glass. The

Salvador Dali Art Museum St Petersburg Florida

When other six year olds were busy being kids and getting scraped knees, Salvador Dali was creating his first masterpiece. By 1916 when he was 12 years old he had finished “Fiesta in Figueres”, a delightful composition of a firework festival in his home town in Catalonia, Spain, near the French border. Painted in gouache

Review of the Louvre Museum in Paris

The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world, and is a must-see if you are visiting Paris. It sits in the middle of the city, the 1st Arrondissement, the heart of the old town, on the right bank of the Seine. The sheer size of the building can be intimidating, even