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Guide to Gargoyles in Pathfinder

The Gargoyle is, to the average Pathfinder player, little more than a big monster than occasionally needs to be slain. Rightly so, too, since most Gargoyles are unpleasant creatures that would just as soon bite your head off as talk to you. That doesn’t, however, preclude the possibility of getting a Gargoyle on your team,

Review of Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer is one of the flagship products of Games Workshop which is one of the most successful games retailers in the world, which means that they must be doing something right with it. For those who don’t know, Warhammer is a tabletop turn based strategy war-game based in a fictional world wherein creatures such as

Runescape is better Botting Diablo – Runescape

Although many people favour Diablo over Runescape, the simple truth is Runescape is better.  Sure, it doesn’t have all the fancy features, but the main point is it’s free.  You don’t have to go out and buy the CD; you can log online and play.  A bonus point is that it has a classic mode

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Roll and keep System

There are two types of role playing gamers.  There are the role players, and the “roll” players.  The first group make up those who enjoy the story mutually created by the players and the dungeon master.  These players focus on interaction and creativity rather than the toss of the dice.  The second group typically enjoys

How to use Monsters as Character Races in Dungeons Dragons

Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, half-orc, all the rest… there are a lot of different races available for use in Dungeons & Dragons character creation, and all of them are quite good. You can make a solid, enduring character out of just about any race. But that’s not enough for some players. Some players want more.

Tell me more about the Steam Tank in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Full Steam Ahead Steam tanks are mammoth smoke and steam bellowing creations; Leonardo of Miragilano originally designed them and oversaw their construction.  Since his time no one has been successfully able to recreate the design.  Twelve steam tanks were made and due to the constant warfare that rages in the warhammer world only eight now

How to keep Score in Uno

Since it was first created in 1971, UNO has grown to become one of the most popular card games in the world.  Because of its simple rules, young children with basic math skills can play it. And there’s enough strategy and chance involved to make it fun for adults. It’s a perfect game for families.

Air Running on World 16 Runescape Runecrating

– -Runescape Air Running-What is it? Air running is the easiest way of getting free cash$$ and or runecrafting experience. The most popular world to Air Running is done on World 16. a free world. -The three Roles in Air Running -Role one…Runner While in world 16, you will find that there are numerous people

War Gaming Guide to Weapons of Warhammer 40k

Imperial Guard Infantry Personal and Assault Weapons If you compare the statistic lines between Imperial Guard Infantry and the basic infantry of most other armies, the members of the Guard come out looking very weak. However, what the Imperial Guard lack in their stat line, they make up for by having one of the widest

Tips for Creating your own Role Playing Game

In a time before gaming systems that relied on stacks of tomes of information, shop bought scenarios and hundreds of supplements, there was a more innocent and less commercial gaming world. In those days games were pretty much invented by the referees and players. Some of those went on to become the big commercial systems

Tips for Roleplaying your Character

I have been an avid roleplayer in MMORPGs for years now. It is one of my favorite hobbies, and yes I consider it a hobby. It is fun, relaxing, and it gets your creativity pumping. When I first started out, I used all sorts of emoticons that should not be involved in roleplaying. Among my

Role Playing using the Real World to Make your Fantasy Campaign come Alive

One of the hardest things that a referee has to do when running a successful campaign is make the whole thing seem real. In know that the games are set in a fantasy world, but even that has to run to some logic. It’s all very well for gaming sessions to be a little cocoon

Painting your War Gaming Miniatures

Step 1: Cleaning and Priming As a new wargamer, it is often easy to become intimidated by the huge tables filled with expertly painted miniatures, resplendent in their crimson uniforms or bright heraldry. But, as a professional miniatures painter with some twenty years experience, I can honestly say that even a beginner can paint miniatures

Return to the Golden Days of Role Playing Games

The majority of New Generation Gamers (NGG) tend to play MMORPG online games such as Elf Quest, World of Warcraft, Oblivion and so forth. These games suck them into a fantasy world where they can slay monsters, buy weapons, chat with anyone in the world and have adventures that have long passed human beings. The

Dungeons and Dragons Life Comparison

The Dungeons and Dragons board game is widely known across the world for its lifelike characteristics in the game. You control your character that you created, however many characters you have, and you play on whatever campaign your Dungeon Master set up. You battle villains and quest for special items and etc. Now, in Dungeons

Role Playing and Music Ambiance or a Distraction

There are many tricks that can be used to enhance the gaming session and one of them is the atmosphere. Alongside the usual things such as candles and soft light, music can lend a massive amount to the atmosphere, but has to be used in the right way. Firstly rather than just have CD’s that

The Dungeons and Dragons Stigma

The group of fast friends that I gamed with for many years was often recruiting members. Our core was three players and myself as DM. The modules all said 4-8 characters, so we always tried to add a fourth player. We tried friends, family members, neighborhood kids, everybody. The two brothers that formed the core

How Mmorpgs have Changed Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons was the forerunner for modern RPGs of all kinds, MMORPGs among them. D&D introduced such concepts as detailed character creation, equipment capable of changing your character’s statistics and abilities, progression content wherein one story gives way to another, and each character grows more powerful from game to game. These principles and more

Dungeon Master Tips House Rules

If there’s one thing to be said about role-playing games, whether you’re discussing Dungeons & Dragons or another title, it’s that rules abound. They need to, out of pure necessity: there are few ways to run a tight, restricted, well-formed game without them. Do all rules make sense? Some do. Most do, in fact, with

Runescape F2p Smithing Guide

Training Knights Sword Knights Sword is a F2P quest which gives 12,725 smithing experience upon completion, directly pushing the smithing level from 1 to 29. If a player manages to finish the quest, he/she needs to smith only a few items before changing to steel. The only problem is that you have a possibility of