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Guide to 99 Firemaking

There are many ways of training firemaking in Runescape. Of these methods, there are huge differences in the amount of experience you will get per hour depending on how you choose to train the skill. Many people consider firemaking as skill that is not worthy of training because of it’s so called “uselessness”. This skill

Review of Changeling the Lost

The fifth in the new White Wolf series of “rebooted” World of Darkness games, “Changeling:The Lost” continues the tradition of being vastly better than its original predecessor-though, given the generally poor reviews the Dreaming got, the improvement is even more marked. The Lost starts with the premise that the Faeries really are out there, and

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Points for Dungeons Dragons Character Creation

Character creation in Dungeons & Dragons has always been an issue of debate and contention, and understandably so. Presumably, so long as your survival skills are good and you know what you’re doing, you’ll be stuck with the same character for long periods of time. Consequently, you want that character to be fun to use,

Runescape F2p Woodcutting Guide

• Level 1-15 Regular trees can be cut. There are many trees in the forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, and south of Falador. It is advised that players find a spot within a short distance from a bank so that you can bank the logs and then sell them or drop them later. If you

Reminiscing the Golden Days of Role Playing Games Dungeons and Dragons

Being 12 years old in 1983 was great. I was a normal boy, as far as I was concerned. I played with Star Wars action figure, adventure people, legos and army men. Then on a trip to the ocean, my cousin introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons. It started with a couple of Xerox copies,

Dungeons and Dragons Book Cost

I read a few of the articles here. Didn’t bother reading them all though. Would have taken too long. But I think MrBoffo had it right. $30 for a Player’s Handbook and $4 for a set of polyhedron dice is all a player would really need. And even then, if they are joining an already

Cosplay getting Started

The essentiality of cosplay is portraying a character as much as possible whether it be the appearance or personality. Various countries arrange “cons” (as it is called) where numerous young people and adults dress up and act as characters from the Japanese pop culture e.g. anime, manga or celebrities to name a few. In the

How to Play a Warblade in Dd

The Warblade has the most potential out of the starting classes to advance and become one of the best support characters for the party. Here we have a class that has a d12 for its hit dice, proficiency with martial weapons, medium armor and shields, bonus feats, and special abilities that further reinforce their fighting

Dungeons Dragons is not Satanic – No

When the fantasy role-playing game (RPG) Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) was released in 1974, it really was unlike anything that had come before it. Not because of its finely tuned yet free-flowing style or its incredibly rational yet open combat system but because it was a game that was played predominantly by Satanists who frequently

Point Buying System in d n d

In video game manifestations of Dungeons and Dragons, the point buying system makes plenty of sense.  It is easy to streamline, and since all players and all characters are playing the same exact game, it is important to ensure some manner of balance.  At home games, however, the point buying system may not necessarily be

Cosplay best Websites for Outfits

Cosplay: Best websites for outfits Originally cosplay or costume play was only known as an oriental pursuit. Now with the rise in popularity of oriental culture in western society especially in regard to anime, manga, tokusatsu and hentai cosplay has become better known outside of China and Japan. Drawn from the fans of these genre’s

Dungeons and Dragons Dd Swashbuckler 35 Tabletop Pen and Paper Rpg

The swashbuckler is one of the most diverse melee classes in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Not only can they be an amazingly fun character to play but the roles that they support within the party can range from that of party  leader to main damage dealer. To be a balanced character we will try and

Lachlan Young Chosen357 Theiving Runescape Runescape Theiving Runescape Helium Lachlan Young

Over the years skills have come and gone in the world wide mmorpg game; Runescape.  Although some popular skills have been discarded in the past many more popular skills have been included.  One such skill include is thieving.  Since being released in 2002 April, many players have achieved the skill cape available for the skill

How to Cosplay

    Figuring out what kind of character to dress up as for anime convention or cos play is tough. There are so many great animes out there like Chobits, Cowboy Bebop, and Fruit Baskets which all have memorable characters. When it comes to figuring out which c character to dress up as there are three things

Mage Pvp Tactics Strats Arcane Strategies

Understanding PVP in World of Warcraft is very essential to being a good competitor in many things like Raids, Dungeons, and Questing. My goal is to help you understand what you need to do in many situations and help you feel more confident about your skills in PVP as a Mage. • Let’s Get Started I

Cosplay best Conventions in Asia

Anime, in Asia, is considered to be one of the biggest commodities. While the genre originated from Japan, anime does get shipped out to other parts of the world. Within the last few years, with help from the Internet and the digital age, anime continues to rise in popularity in North America. However, anime is

Attack Skill in Runescape

Runescape’s combat system is composed of multiple combat skills. For Runescape’s melee warriors, the attack skill is a skill that must be trained in order to improve one’s combat traits. A high attack level will mean that you will hit often. A low attack will mean that you hit less often. Each attack level increases

Why do People Play Dungeons and Dragons

As a child, did you ever “play pretend”? Most people probably did at some point, whether it be pretending that you were army commandos with nerf guns, saving a princess from a dragon, or even the simplistic “don’t touch the lava” game. Dungeons and Dragons is kind of like all of that, except that there

Cosplay best Conventions in the us

Between the 1970s and 1990s, Japanese anime was considered underground to the mass public in North America. Not many people were familiar with Japanese anime. After 2000, with segments such as Toonami and Adult Swim, Japanese anime became more popular in North America. Within the last several years, with the help of the Internet and

Game Master Tips

Every role playing group will eventually need to deal with play character deaths. It’s a sad fact, but sometimes the dice are against you, and there’s nothing to be done to change it. There is however a great deal you can do to respond to a PC death. Plan AheadFirst off, plan ahead. Some play