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The act of telling stories has been with us for thousands of years across all cultures and divides,the one thing we all have in common is the need to tell and hear stories. In the past stories were used to record the history and traditions of the tribe or group this would help to bond

Theater Musical Showtunes Theatrical Performance Live

Musical theater is a very special art form and it appeals to different people in many different ways. Because of this variability, rating individual musicals can hardly be objective by any means, even if selection criteria are consistent. Furthermore, selection criteria of musicals can be very different than typical selection criteria for other forms of

How to Create a Rehearsal Schedule for a Musical Play

One of the aspects of musical direction that is often left to chance is the rehearsal schedule. Too often I have seen directors work Act I to death and then try to play catch up later on with Act II. Nothing is more frustrating to actors than that! I use an eight week schedule with

Canadian Theatre in the 1990s

I saw my first professional live theatre production in the summer of 1996, and by the summer of 2000 I had brought over half a dozen world premiers to the stage, worked in theatres large and small, and was well on my way to my life’s work and passion. It’s also the time when Canadian


Hairspray is a musical which has become popular recently following the smash hit movie staring John Travolta. It has been on Broadway and is currently enjoying a successful run on the West End in London which is where we went to see it last month. For those of you who don’t know the storyline, Hairspray


Chicago the musical is currently running at the Cambridge Theatre in London. I was lucky enough to go and see the show a few weeks ago. Having seen the film version many times and loving all the songs I was really excited about seeing it live on stage. For those of you not familiar with

Becoming a Great Actor

Observing what makes a great professional actor is much like looking at what makes a great house. We observe his talent before anything else like a great coat of paint or bright red door. But when a crew of carpenters look at a house, they will see very different things than a office worker on

Preparing for an Audition Directors Perspective

I thought today I’d tell you a bit about casting a show from my perspective, sitting in the director’s chair. Casting is the most important, most misunderstood and most frustrating part of any show (and also among the most enjoyable!). Getting the right people for the right roles is part art, part science, part faith,

Reality of Show Biz

Having experience in the performing arts field, I have observed that it is quite a roller coaster of ups, downs, encouragement, discouragement, rejection, acceptance, and countless other emotive variables. Vast numbers of people accent the “show” part of entertainment and completely ignore the “business” portion of the title. In a way, most acting agencies approach

Should a Script be Changed to Suit an Audience – Yes

Yes! A script should be changed to suit the audience. There are many different audience types, and styles, and each needs their own selected role,or plot in a script. If the script is written where many ideas could come from it, then it should, and must be changed to suit the audience that will be