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Exlporing the Fine Art of Theatre

Is there such a thing as a fine art of theatre?Theatre people walk a lonely road sometimes. I can often spend hours alone, building, painting, digging for props and getting ready for rehearsals, not to mention going blind staring at a computer screen trying to flog the next play on Facebook to anyone who cares

70s Theatre

The seventies were a decade of transition in the theatre. As was the case with movies, theatrical visionaries were torn between their need to do good theatre and their need to do experimental theatre. Luckily amid all the nudity and pretentious scripts, the great Stephen Sondheim was there to strongly influence the theatre world with

Broadway History Musicals Plays Theater

The American beginnings of “Broadway” musical theater came in 1750 when a resident professional theater company was established and presented early works such as The Beggar’s Opera and Shakespearean plays. More theaters opened in downtown New York as the popularity of watching plays grew. Later theaters moved to the less expensive midtown area and eventually

Theatre Criticism

Ruin lives and spread misery? No, totally kidding. Though I suppose that depends on your point of view and past experience with critics. The job of a critic is to praise or tell people what to work on, and tell the reader whether a play is worth seeing and what to expect if they go.

Show Business Children in Theater Acting Kid Actors Stage Mom

Your child has bright, sparkling eyes, a charming smile, contagious confidence and a personality that’s fit for the stage. Even if your child has star quality, he or she may not be destined for show business. Before taking your child to auditions, do some research and find out if show business is the best fit

Stop Standing Ovations – Yes

Indeed, standing ovations garner a well-used response and reaction from many audiences across many genres of entertainment. Whether one is attending their child’s debut drama performance in their high school play or closing night of “Wicked” on Broadway, it appears that ticket-buyers must state their opinion of the power of a performance with a simple

Thoughts on the Proscenium Theatre

Ah, the proscenium. Much-maligned in the latter half of the 20th century in favour of re-inventions of Shakespeare’s thrust stage, or theatre-in-the-round staging borrowed from the world of circus, the proscenium arch has nonetheless remained the design motif of choice for most new theatres built in the Western world. Its origins lie in the proto

Theater in the 1930s

Though vaudeville was dying out and films were becoming more popular, live theater prospered during the 1930’s. Still reeling from WWI, America needed escapism more than ever during the recovery period. Though films were cheaper to produce and cheaper to attend, people still flocked to see live theater. Live theater got off to a slow

Why Theatres should Join Community Organizations

Theatres are integral parts of the communities they serve. The better they get along with that community, the more successful they will be. All too often theatres wind up at odds with municipal governments, area businesses and ordinary citizens. Often this is through no one’s particular fault, simply an inability of one party to effectively

Children Theater Benefits of Theater Theatre

Most kids love theater for a simple reason: it’s fun. They like singing, dancing making new friends, and putting on a show. But while they’re having fun performing, they end up acquiring skills that will serve them onstage, backstage, and off the stage. Because theater is a varied art that requires so many skills and

Becoming an Actor

The start of acting was contributed to many performances from the earlier years in which they were a success among the participants. At the time of developing new ideas it was known to have a range of creation for new plays or movies. The role of the actor is noted in many fields such as

Naturalism and Symbolism in 19th Century Theater

Naturalism and Symbolism were theatrical movements that overlapped towards the end of the nineteenth century. Naturalism was by far the longer of the two. We can examine both movements by looking at the literature, acting, and technical aspects of each. First, let us consider the literature. Naturalism in the theater, as in prose of the

New York

Many people have never had the opportunity to visit New York and take advantage of all the great dinner theaters, So my goal in writing this article is to try my best to give some incite on what types of dinner theaters are around you when you get there. Many people really are not worried

Are Great Actors Born Talented

Great actors will be quick to tell you that acting requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Great actors begin every day with extensive stretching, a cardio-vascular work-out, and a wide range of specialized exercises that help increase flexibility, and improve form, balance and muscle tone, as well as building lung capacity. They also

An Introduction to Audio Drama

Audio drama is quite an interesting medium of performing arts. In a sense, this tends to go hand and hand with animated works. Yet, at the same time they are two different things. Audio drama is an audio art which focuses on spoken words and sounds. Animation is similar to live action visual drama for

Standing Ovation Overuse – Yes

Few things in life have become as cheap and as commoditized as the standing ovation. Like you, I haven’t been to a theater event in the past 25 years where, due to the overall national decline, dare we say ignorance, this hasn’t been expected, obligatory or required. It’s the theater equivalent of Slouching towards Gomorrah. In the

Why not Shorten Shakespeare Plays

Sly: “Well, well see’t. Come, madam wife, sit by my side, and let the world slip, we shall ne’er be younger.” These words, spoken in the introduction of “The Taming of the Shrew,” condenses the feeling many people have toward the plays of Shakespeare – time passes quickly, and most of us don’t have the

Jersey Boys Musical

To be perfectly honest I probably would have never gone to this musical if it wasn’t for my husbands work. They took us to see this on a special trip down to Vegas. I love musicals and plays so I was excited to go to anything, but I didn’t know anything about it or who

Support Local Theatre

If you believe that art is important for the growth of a person and for their community, a great way to show how much the arts mean to you is to act locally. If your emotions lead you to support your local theatre community there are plenty of roles for you to fill. What kind

Theres Wonderful Theatre in your own Backyard

Contrary to what many people may think, there is more to supporting the local arts scene let alone local theatre than simply handing out dough and so forth. Of course, donating and/or lending money does help a very long way. But money alone does not really support the local art or theatre scene. Again, it