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Plays in a Foreign Language

Attending a play in a foreign language sharpens, without any doubt, the senses. How can we say that? If a person has one of her senses impaired, all the other senses will be heightened to balance the loss. Listening to a foreign language can be compared to a mild case of deafness: if you are

Supporting your Local Theatre Scene

Supporting live theatre in your community does far more than simply cover the cost of putting on a production. The economic impact of allowing theatres the means to do what they do has a trickle-down effect on the rest of the local economy. The spin-off economic activity from having a theatre in your community will

How to Learn Lines

The question of how to learn lines plagues many actors. There are many different techniques to memorization; the trick is to find the method that works best for you. The most important thing to remember when learning lines is to not focus on simply remembering the lines. Work on remembering the character and their thoughts

Disablility and Inclusion in the Arts

The arts in general and theatre in particular are built upon inclusiveness. The creative collaboration that goes into a show, and the requisite interest and attention of an audience to that show, form a symbiotic relationship – an artist cannot exist without an audience, nor without the inspiration and assistance of his or her fellow

Attending a Play in a Foreign Language

I remember the first time I saw a performance spoken in a language other than my native tongue of English. I was in high school, and a wonderful bi-lingual theatre company performed several shows for students of the French language. Half the show was performed in English, and half in French. It was wonderful to

Broadway Musical Reviews Rock of Ages

When I was first asked to attend “Rock of Ages,” I thought I couldn’t say no loud enough. First of all, it is a jukebox musical, a type of show that I have hated since that Beach Boys debacle a few years back. Second, I consider the eighties my lost decade. I was newly married,


Improvisation, or Improv as it’s often referred to as, is a form of acting in which the actors do not work off of a script. They may receive characters, scenarios, settings or even words that they are required to incorporate in the scene, but everything is completely created on the spot. The result is often

Editing a Script to Fit an Audience – No

Theatre is an art form, and as such, it is often found by the general public to be controversial. However, if we alter the script to fit an audience, we often find ourselves unknowingly sacrificing the true message of the play, and abandoning the true purposes of theatre. The trouble isn’t in taking a script

Sherman Theater Entertainment Rich Berkowitz Stroudsburg Theater Venue

The Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg’s most well-known and oldest venue, is undergoing some major changes as of late. The non-profit theater is undergoing a capital campaign to better the look of the theater, the quality of performances, and the overall concert experience. Renovations have started and will continue to be scheduled, as the theater is gaining

How to Prepare for an Audition

Preparing for an audition is one of the more stressful things you can do as an actor. Forget opening night – by then, at least, there is the reassurance you have the job. Walking into an audition is a kind of acting ambush that you know is coming – and you know the odds are

Why Children should be Introduced to Theatre

The curtain goes up. The performance starts. Music. Energy. Lights. Applause. Cheers. Adulations. The curtain goes down. Ah, the life of a performer. It’s quite a rush. But there’s also the downside: a low-paying, highly competitive job market, the short shelf-life of a career that can be based on appearance alone, and the horrible low

Les Mis Review

I was introduced to Les Miserables when i was young and impressionable and although at that age i wouldn’t have fully appreciated the deeply entangled story i could still sing along to the unforgettable songs that are thrown at you one after another. As a child my memory of the show was the final image

Gods of Scriptwriting – No

As writers, we are storytellers. In fact, running the risk of blasphemy, we are actually gods if you think about it. We create a world, populate it with characters, place them in situations and circumstances that they must negotiate and force them to deal with the issues we have made for them to give the

Shakespeares Theatre in Shakespeares Time

The London theatre scene in the 1590’s was a lot like the old west. It was a rough, bawdy lifestyle, just on the wrong side of morally acceptable (hence the reason theatres had to be on the South bank of the Thames river). The actors, playwrights and producers were shameless opportunists, catering to whatever would

Best Theater Musicals of all Time

Musical theater is meant to invoke emotions in an individual. Through song and dance the actor tells a story that we can relate to, or at least empathize with. As audience members we sit back and allow our senses to be awakened by lighting, text, dance, orchestration, and scenery. All this taking us away from

Company of the Unicorn

The Company of the Unicorn Puppet Theatre was a small (three person) touring theater company that was very popular, touring and performing extensively in Minnesota and Wisconsin at major theaters, universities and colleges, schools, parks, and numerous other and varied venues during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The company used rod puppets of original

The Color Purple Musical Alice Walker Themes Stage

First, it was a 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning fictio novel. In 1985, Steven Spielberg directed the film adaptation of the novel starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery, and Oprah Winfrey, which earned eleven Oscar nominations. Now, Alice Walker’s most famous literary work, The Color Purple, is a Broadway musical. In conjunction with The National Blacks

Get your Kids to like Opera Magic Flute

If you wish to get your children interested in opera, first consider your motivations. Do you love opera yourself, or do you merely feel obligated to give your children some “culture”? Children will pick up on your motivations. If you are excited about opera, they are more likely to realize that the art form is

What is Epic Theatre

Before one can fully comprehend what Epic Theatre is, it is necessary to understand the period of Realism. During the 1800s the philosophy of Positivism gained a lot of ground. This philosophy was based on the concept of the five senses. Only objects that can be experienced with your five senses existed. Spirituality got left

In the Heights Review

No spoilers … In the Heights, the mega tony award winning, hip hop Broadway phenomena, is one of the greatest pieces of theater it has ever been my privilege to see. This story of the Hispanic neighborhood of Washington Heights in upper Manhattan is not just about the modern immigrant experience but encapsulates the perpetual

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