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Introducing Children to Theatre

Forty years ago you didn’t have to introduce children to theatre; they introduced themselves quite nicely, through endless playground games, tea parties and outright theatricals, staged in living rooms for adoring parents and relatives. This literal “child’s play” provided these very young thespians with experiences in creativity, communication and working together that served them well

The Overuse of Standing Ovations – Yes

The standing ovation creates visual cue of complete satisfaction. That’s what it’s supposed to do: I am satisfied with what I have seen, and here’s proof. Standing proof. An ovation should put the stamp on an awesome outstanding production. I am not fond of ovations. It is a false proof of love and satisfaction. Why?

Histroy of Broadway

Theatre in New York dates back to before America was an independent nation. In 1750, actor-managers Walter Murray and Thomas Kean established the Theatre on Nassau Street. They primarily presented Shakespearean works and ballad operas like “The Beggar’s Opera.” In 1753 the growth of theatre in New York continued when a company of twelve actors

Sir Peter Hall Theatre Director

When Peter Hall took over the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in 1960 he was no stranger to Stratford-upon-Avon. The first British director of Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ had first visited Stratford as a 16 year old in 1946 (he’d cycled the 120 miles from his home) to see a production of Peter Brook’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’.

Defining Bad Theatre

Half of me is writing to this title because I’m not entirely certain which definition of “poor” the title suggestor meant. Did they mean theatre written for or by people who live in poverty? I think it’s safe to say that many playwrights over the centuries have been well below the poverty line when they

History of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Critics of architecture in Minneapolis were very dubious about the design of the new Guthrie Theater on the Mississippi River when it was first unveiled by boldly experimental French architect Jean Nouvel in 2002. One of them, a personal friend of mine, asked, “Are there degrees of ugly?” Nouvel countered his many critics by saying,

How to Make a Latex Scar

How to Make a Latex Scar As I wiggle a stipple sponge above my friend’s eyebrow, I happen to glance up. Ambling past is a boy with a blossoming black eye, the bloody stubs of jagged fingernails protruding from his neck. The whole of my Theatre 244 class was transformed into a weird cross between

Otello Verdi Plot Summary

Otello is an Italian Romantic opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi which premiered at the Teatro alla Scale in Milan on February 5, 1887. The libretto, based on William Shakespeare’s play Othello, was written by composer and writer Arrigo Boito, who convinced Verdi to come out of his retirement specifically to compose Otello. Characters * Otello,

Pantomime in 18th Century England

Pantomime was a theatrical form that became popular in England in the 18th century. It contained very little, if any, verbal speech.  Tom Congdon, former editor for The Saturday Evening Post explains it as “a form of traditional British theater involving standard story lines, slapstick, risque humor, music, dance and spectacular costumes and stage effects.”

Public Viewers Work Modifications Risks Important Goal Product – Yes

A script is a product, and like every other product, it needs to be interesting to be purchased. Furthermore, it needs to be interesting enough to be preferred over other scripts. The customers always have the right to choose something else, another story which will appeal to them more. And the one who obviously stands

Should a Script be Changed to Suit an Audience – No

When someone has written a script they have usually put many man hours into the development of the work. They have thought of story lines, plots, themes, and sometimes even the actors to play the parts. This could have taken several days or in some such cases several years. Developing and writing a script is

What is the History of South African Theatre

Theatre, in the form of the ritual, has been evident in South Africa for many years. It is widely believed that modern Western Theatre evolved from the Greek Ritual Festivals, prepared for the god Dionysus. The San people are the only original inhabitants of South Africa. Recent research indicates that the San are the oldest

National Grand Theater

Among some of the most stunning modern architecture in the world is China’s National Grand Theater in Beijing. One of the many buildings constructed in Beijing in anticipation of the 2008 Olympic games, the National Grand Theater stands out as a gem of modern architectural design. The eggshell shaped theater is encased in glass and

Theatre and Children

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, rich, fascinating world. Then came the small people who, as time went by, grew into larger people, all the while feeding on information about this beautiful, rich, fascinating world and the people already in it, and the opportunities that both presented. Of course, some of these little

Stage Play Reviews of American Briefs

Billed as “sexy new shorts by the USA’s hottest playwrights,” American Briefs’ can be seen as a kind of gay Decalogue, consisting of ten crisp and penetrating short plays, written by six American writers. Although the stories were originally set in the USA, they have been expertly adapted for UK audiences, and are being performed

Cosmin Pascu Writing – No

The intention of the author is to communicate something clear and precise about an issue or an incident that takes place around him affecting other people. The aim of writing should never be changed to suit the audience. However, while the message must be kept as indented originally, the way is being communicated might take

Theater Production Costs Expenses Reduce Lower

It’s probably happened to every theater producer. You think your expenses are under control. Ticket sales may be booming or they may need a kick in the seat, but production costs at least are manageable. Then, like bad Shakespeare, expenses come out of nowhere. Petty cash is nearly disappearing out of the box. Receipts for

Best Musical of all Times

When entering a theater you promise to fully engage in and believe the spectacle unfolding in front of you A quest to find the best theater musical is not only a vast one, but most probably an impossible one. There will be as many choices and answers as there are questions asked. We all have

Its Stage Magic

My musical, “The Preacher’s Family,” was inspired by a song I wrote and sang in church. The title of the song is “I Could Never.” It sometimes brings tears to my eyes because the lyrics are powerful. The song sounds like something that could have been written during the 30’s. That is why I have

History of American Musical Theatre

Although music has been a part of theater since ancient times, the musical theater we know and love today was born in the United States. America can lay claim to being the nursery of a unique form that used song and dance as a means of furthering the action of the text or revealing information

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