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How graphic designers utilise texture

In graphic design, the wise use of textures is a great way of evoking sensations in the person seeing the design that go beyond the purely visual. Touch is a very powerful sense, and can make something look luxurious and rich instead of just beautiful, or refreshing and cheerful instead of just light. When talking

Digital Photo Editing Tips

Depending on the digital editing software you are going to use, the tools may vary, but most programs should have the same options with different names. I am familiar with photoshop, so the steps I will be referencing will be from this program. Remember that you can not fix a improperly taken photograph with a

Guidelines for Good Composition Rule of Thirds Photography Beginning Photography

Great photos are created; not simply captured. Creating a photograph with well thought out composition can make the difference between an average shot and one that stands out in the realm of visual interest. Learning the basic guidelines to good composition will take your photographs to another level. The more you take your time and

Tips for Taking Vacation Photos

Our bad vacation photos are generally a learned phenomenon. Uncle Fred had a Polaroid and lined you all up in front of Mt. Rushmore, then backed off half a mile to take the picture. That’s the kind of vacation image that rots in a drawer for eternity. If you want to take dynamic pictures that

Lens Flare and how to Avoid it

Lens flare is created when a reflection of the light is shined directly into the lens, creating ufo looking objects in your photograph. I have seen many great pictures ruined by not paying attention to the lighting situation and lens flare showing in the photograph. In order to stop lens flare, you will need to

Digital Photography being a Photographer

I understand the principle of this discussion and agree with it entirely. I’ve been taking pictures and making films professionally and for pleasure for coming up to forty years (that’s scary, believe me!) and get immensely frustrated by the many people who describe themselves as photographers simply becasue they own a camera (usually digital). However

Move from Point and Shoot to Digital Slr

As you go around with your little point and shoot camera, you may see people with their big fancy digital SLR cameras and all the lenses and flashes and think you need one of those. But how do you get from a little camera to which you are accustomed, to one of those with all

Tips for Taking Great Sunset Photos

Tips For Taking Great Sunset Photos When the sun starts to go down it is a great opportunity to get those beautiful silhouetted photographs over the water with a beautiful reflection in the water. In order to get this great work of art you will need to scope out an area in advance. There is

Become a Freelance Photographer

Becoming a Freelance Photographer Essentially a freelance photographer is a self employed person doing a job for another company. Magazines, newspapers, etc., use freelance photographers in order to cut cost. With freelance your work has to be top notch, because you don’t work for anyone; you are trying to get them to purchase your work

Natural Light and Photography Qualities of Light Lighting and Photography

Without light, photography as we know it would not exist. Not only does light make photography possible, but it has the ability to completely alter the way a photograph is perceived by the viewer. Next to possessing the knowledge of good composition, understanding light and how to use it is one of the best ways

How to Photograph Sunsets

Photography is nothing more than the art of capturing light. No matter what the subject, the ability to see the light and compensate for that light using your camera’s settings is the secret to obtaining perfect exposures and capturing great images. This is important in all photography, but it becomes even more crucial with photographing

How do i take better Snapshots

The first step in progressing from taking snapshots to becoming a photographer is learning to frame your images. This single, basic, totally subjective decision will improve all your photographs regardless of the camera you use or what you are taking photos of. It is the essence of photography, and the view that make your photographs

What is the Difference between a Daguerreoptype and a Calotype

Before 1884 when Kodak’s founder, George Eastman supplied flexible film for cameras, early photographers loaded a camera one wet plate at a time for each image. A Daguerreotype was a widely used early photographic process that was first announced by Frenchman, Louis Daguerre in 1839. France made it free for the whole world to use,

How to use the Wb Setting on Digital Cameras

If you’ve ever shown someone a photo you’ve taken and said, “But the colors really didn’t look like that,” you already have an instinctual understanding of the importance of white balance. It’s all about controlling the natural appearance of colors in your images. Chances are good that right now your camera is set to AWB

Problems with Red Eye

Understanding and Working Around Red Eye Issues How many times have you taken a picture only to have your friends and family come out looking like an army of red-eyed zombies? You’re not alone. The problem of red eye in point-and-shoot digital cameras is almost a given since invariably the flash is set too close

Digital Camera Metering Modes

Photographically, it’s something of a crime that most cameras come out of the box, get charged up, and live out their useful lives on default settings in automatic mode. Mid-level to prosumer point-and-shoot cameras give the photographer far more control and power than most people realize. When you’re ready to stop settling for snapshots and

Photography Tips Good Family Photos

Photography Tips: How to make good family pictures. Many people line the family up and snap a picture. So often that’s what we see on Christmas cards or in photo albums. Although it documents what each person looked like at that point in time, it’s not very interesting. Here are some photography tips that will

Beginners Begin getting Started Photography Photos Camera Clubs

Getting Started in Photography So, you’ve bought yourself a camera and want to get started in photography. Well, good for you. Photography can be tremendous fun and, whether you simply want to shoot a few family snaps or have plans to capture life through a lens in all its Technicolor glory, it’s pretty easy to

Taking Great Family Photographs

The best family photos I have ever taken were at a family gathering in someone’s garden. I was sitting on the grass in the garden while adults and older children played cricket and the little ones ran in and out getting in their way and generally being adorable. The point to take from this is

How to Frame an Image for best Results

So you’ve got your digital camera and you want to make the most of the technology by creating some brilliantly composed images? Now where to start? The first step to framing your picture for the best results is to just stop and look through the lens (if a DSLR, screen if a compact) and observe

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