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Purchasing the right Camera for Photography

There are a few considerations when buying a camera. The most obvious ones would be purpose and budget. Lets start with purpose. There are several kind of cameras in the market nowadays, which include the most common point and shoot (PNS), Polaroids (Instant Cameras), digital single lens reflex (DSLR), and several more professional models which

Getting Started in Lanscape Photography

Landscape photography,’ sounds daunting doesn’t it? There are quite a few factors to take into consideration, light, subject, framing, composition, but it’s not really as daunting as it seems. With a little thought, and a little look, you could be producing landscapes that you would be proud to hang on your wall. Start by choosing

How to Sell your Photography

There are two main methods to market yourself and your photography, and dozens of mediums. The first and best way to market yourself and your product in nearly every case is through using the network of professional and personal contacts that you have in your life, and network out further to meet their contacts. Secondly,

George Hoyningen Huene Photographer

George Hoyningen-Huene is famous for two distinct bodies of work: fashion and portraiture. Hoyningen-Huene is considered to be one of the greatest exponents of fashion photography in the twenties and thirties. The shot which epitomises this body of work for me, is Bathing Suits by Izod’ (1931). He was not, as far as he was

Freelance Photography Photographer Portfolio Website Tips Advice getting Started

The chances are that anyone who has ever picked up a camera and enjoyed snapping a few good shots has, at some point, thought about freelance photography as a viable and rewarding career. And why wouldn’t they? Just imagine yourself, armed with a camera and a few business cards, breaking free from the shackles of

Photography Track Meet

Photographing a track meet can be like trying to shoot a three ring circus. There are always multiple events happening at the same time and things to shoot in all directions. To shoot a track meet successfully requires some planning and maybe a little reconnaissance. As far as lens choice, generally you will want your

Laszlo Moholy Nagy Photographer

ARTIST PROFILE: LAZLO MOHOLY-NAGY Lazlo Moholy-Nagy trained originally as a lawyer and moved from Hungary to Berlin. Here he came into contact with the Dadaists, Constructionists and Walter Gropius who brought him to Weimar Bauhaus in 1923. Like his Russian contemporary El Lissitsky, Moholy-Nagy was fascinated by photomontages : for which he coined the term

El Lissitsky Photographer Artist Designer

ARTIST PROFILE : EL LISSITZKY Whilst studying for my Master’s degree in photography, one of my lecturers, with a great deal of irony, said El Lissitsky was one of those irritating bs who was good at everything!’ He was right. El Lissitzky was one of the outstanding brains of the Russian avant-garde: a trained architect,

Taking better Vacation Pictures

Taking better vacation photos. Are you tired of just lining everyone up in a row and taking a picture of them in front of the Washington Monument and then at the next stop lining them up again. If that’s how you approach taking vacation photos, it’s time to make some creative changes. Remember that you

How to use Digital Camera Histogram

The histogram is one of the most under-utilized tools in advanced point-and-shoot and prosumer digital cameras. Most people turn it on just to see what it is, puzzle over the funky diagram that looks like a constantly changing mountain range, and turn it back off. It would be more accurate to think of the histogram

Herbert List Goldfish Bowl Santorini Photograph German

Artist Profile: HERBERT LIST Probably the most famous photograph taken by Herbert List is called Goldfish Bowl’ It could hardly be described as an earth shattering nor evocative title. The black and white image is, however simple, beautiful and very evocative. The bowl itself is not the everyday spherical bowl of glass but is much

Andre Kertesz Photographer

Andre Kertesz one of the mst important photographers of the twentieth century. The cathartic moment for Andre Kertesz, the instant that was to change the course of his life came about when he found a photographic manual in the attic of his parents house. At this point he decided that he was to become a

Richard Avedon Photographer

ARTIST PROFILE: RICHARD AVEDON In 1942, Richard Avedon dropped out of high school and joined the Merchant Marines photographing personnel. In 1944, he began working as a photographer for a department store. Despite this photographically inauspicious beginning, two years later he was discovered by the Art Director of Harper’s Bazaar and by the late forties

Lomography Lo Fi Photography

Lomography is not just a hobby or a new edgy art form but rather a philosophy about being in the moment, camera in hand and using lo-fi, old-school methods with simple cameras and pure light combined with a bold don’t think just shoot approach to produce imagery. For Canadian new-media artist, Kyle Whitehead, art is

Black and White Photography Photography Tips Black and White Images Black and White Photography

Most of the amazingly gripping photos are the ones that are in black and white. These types of images capture the raw emotion of a shot whether it be portrait or landscape. The images have a certain depth about them, they manipulate your mind, making you stare at awe at the sheer beauty of the

Beginners Guide to Photography Guidelines for Beginners to Photography

Photography is a skill and an art, and as such it is something that can be learned. This article contains some guidelines to help you achieve the results you want. First of all, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with a given photo. Sounds like a crazy question? Not to me, as we

Digital Photography Today

Photographic images have come a long way since legend has it that man first caught a glimpse of them in the 4th Century BC. Light falling through a hole in a wall produced an image which an artist then painted upon. Move forward to 1837 when Louis Daguerre, a French Chemist, produced the first fixed

Philip Lorca Di Corcia Photographer

After studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and subsequently graduating from Yale, Philip-Lorca di Corcia tried unsuccessfully to find employment in the film industry. In New York, he found work as a photographic assistant and then at the age of thirty one became a freelance photographer working for publications

Dorothea Lange Photographer

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey Dorothea Lange studied at Columbia University New York, and started her photographic career as an independent portrait photographer in San Francisco. Shocked by the vast number of homeless people involved in a futile search for work, she began to take pictures of these people in the street to attempt to

Eve Arnold Photographer Marilyn Monroe

“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” Eve Arnold The portrait work of Eve Arnold is stunning, and it is this ethic of compassion that made her work function with her models, whether they were

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