Changing a Script to Suit an Audience – Yes

A script is written to be performed, and a performance should be enjoyed by the audience. It is for that reason alone that a script should be changed to suit an audience.

While a script should be changed, it should never be done in such a way that alters or ruins the overall story of the show. If removing a scene means that a future scene is harder to understand, then it should not be removed and the show should remain the same, but if it a scene that does not add too much for the story and will not be fully understood by the audience (particularly if the audience is of a different age from what the original was aimed that), then yes it should be changed.

Usually, however, every scene of a show is vital to the performance overall, so in most cases changes to a script should be mainly superficial. A key example of this is the language which is used in the show. If a show was originally written for an older audience, it may contain bad language and blatant sexual references, so if the show is set to be performed to an audience that is likely to consist mostly of children, then the script should be altered to remove as much of the bad language as possible, and to either remove the sexual references, or to at least tone them down so that the younger audience will not fully understand them, while the older members of the audience will still understand what the story is trying to imply.

Another reason that a script should be changed is to increase its popularity. Although a writer spends a lot of time writing a script, and has very often put their heart and soul into the story and the characters, sometimes the overall end product is just not very good. Maybe the story is overly complex, or it contains too many characters that clutter up the story, but sometimes the vision that the writer has does not successfully translate to the audience that watch the show. A writer should be open to altering their script for the sake of success, as long as it does not tamper with their original story overall. This could mean simplifying the story, or removing non essential characters that make the story hard to follow, but a writer should be willing to look past their ego for the sake of success, as a script is a product, and the success of a product is based entirely around what the audience thinks of it.