Chaotic Card Analysis of Serenade of Subordinance

Serenade of Subordinance is a lethal mugic card in the Chaotic card game that has the ability to both lower and boost the disciplines of target creatures. If you are are unfamiliar with the Chaotic trading card game, it is markedly set apart from other trading card games as you can play head to head versus another opponent either offline or online. The online battle setting is interesting to play on as it has animation in game play, and has a massive amount of players from all over the world.

To battle online, all you have to do first is upload the different codes on the very bottom of every card and build your playing deck and play against different opponents. To play offline, you are able to battle against an opponent on the playing mat that is included with each of the four starter sets. There are four original different starter sets, each standing for the first original tribes of creatures. You can also trade cards with other players, both offline and online, and build a lethal and almost unstoppable battle deck. In Chaotic, there are many types of cards: battlegear, creatures, attack cards, mugic cards, and location cards.

Every creature has a unique amount of discipline, energy, and elemental types. The four different types of disciplines are courage, power, speed, and wisdom. The four elemental types are earth, air, fire, and water. Mugic cards aid your creatures by dealing to them the use of powerful special abilities like inflicting to them amounts of damage to opposing creatures, healing the energy of your creatures, or enhancing their attributes.

Serenade of Subordinance is an Underworld mugic card in the Chaotic trading card game. Before each game of Chaotic, you will be able to pick the mugic cards that you can play in the following round. Many mugic cards only work with creatures of specific tribes. Since Serenade of Subordinance is an Underworld card, only Underworld creatures are able to use it.

It has the following special ability: For two mugic counters: Target creature loses 50 in the discipline of your choice until the end of the turn. Target creature gains 50 in another discipline until the end of the turn. (You may target the same creature). Overall, if you can use its special ability to your advantage, Serenade of Subordinance can be a very powerful mugic card in the Chaotic trading card game.