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Chess Annotated Game Kings Gambit 2

This is a Falkbeer Counter Gambit version of King’s Gambit. An annotated game is a game for study and enjoyment of other chess players.
1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. f2-f4 d7-d5
This is the key move making this a Falkbeer Counter Gambit. If White does 3. fxe5 Q-h4+ leads White into deep trouble. If he blocks the check with the g pawn, qxe4+ wins the Rook, if the King simply moves up Qxe4+ K-f2 B-c5+ wins quickly.
3. exd5 e5-e4
4. d2-d3 exd3
5. Qxd3 N-f6
6. N-c3
Trying to hold the pawn via c2-c4 loses too many tempi, moves, and is bad to try and hold the pawn that way.
6… B-c5
7. B-d2
White would like to fight for the a7-g1 diagonal, which Black’s Bishop now controls, but after 7… Q-e7 he will be unable to castle.
7… 0-0
8. 0-0-0 N(b8)-d7
9. B-e2 N-b6
10. B-f3 B-g4
11. B-e3
This is a bad move, because he has not yet finished developing his pieces, also Black is able to control the e file easily with gain of tempo.
11… BxB+
12. QxB R-e8
13. Q-d4Q-d6
If Black can win back his pawn, on d5, His position will be better, and White’s pawn on f4 will be a weakness to attack.
14. h2-h3
This weakens the square g3, and defending the f pawn via g2-g3 will weaken both the g3 and h3 pawns, and the obvious defender, King, will be on the other side of the board trying to not get mated.
14… BxB
15. NxB R(a8)-d8
16. R(h1)-e1 RxR
17. RxR N(b6)xd5
18. NxN NxN
19. g2-g3 h7-h6
Although normally making an escape like this is pointless, in this case it is well done because the Rook was tied to defending the King. Doing this without planning on using the Rook but only as a ‘just in case’ move is wasteful.
20. a2-a3
White could have taken the pawn on a7, but After 20… N-b4 Black would have good chances of a mating attack. Although there is no direct mate threatened here, years of experience can show a player that in cases where King’s castled on opposite sides, the chance is too great of such happening.
20… a7-a6
21. R-d1 N-f6
22. QxQ RxQ
23. RxR cxd6
24. N-d4 N-e4
25. N-e2 K-f8
The Black King now charges forward, as it is safe from checks. If the White King gets nearer, N-f2+ wins a pawn.
26. c2-c3 K-e7
27. K-c2 K-e6
28. b2-b3 N-f2
29. N-d4+ K-f6
30. h3-h4 h6-h5
This makes White’s g pawn backwards, and much easier to win.
31. c3-c4 N-e5
32. N-e7 K-f5
33. K-d3 N-f7+
34. K-c3 K-g5
35. b3-b4 N-e4+
36. K-d4 Nxg3
37. Resigns
Sadly, many of the ending moves were quite boring and had no deep plan in them.

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