Chicago Ambassador Theatre

I was here in March and saw Chicago. The show was brilliant and I would definately recommend people to see it, however I am a fan of the film so I am biased!

They are celebrating 10 years of broadway and have won 6 Tony Awards. The theatre is situated on 219 West 49th Street which is between Broadway & 8th Avenue.

As we were staying near Times Square we just walked to the theatre and it only took us about 5 minutes. You could get easy access to this theatre by the subway station if you needed to.

The show lasted about 2 and half hours with a 15minute intermission half way through which you just had time to get to the toilet if needed after standing in a queue for ages.

 I went during the weekend and the theatre was packed out with impatient people trying to get in to find their seats.On the way out it was the same process with people pushing and shoving. I would not recommend the show for children as it is more for an adult audience.

Chicago is about Roxy Heart who kills her lover which gets her put in jail she then is made a celebrity by her lawyer Billy Flynn. In jail she gets hassle from Velma Kelly who wants to steal the headlines from her but in the end they team up together.

 Its a great story which keeps you interested the whole way through with great songs,dance and comedy. There was however very little costume changes if any or scenery changes which was abit dissapointing, but I feel the songs made up for it as they were very lively.

In the past during the depression this theare was used as a movie house, radio and television studios, as well as for some legitimate productions. This shows alot as it is very compact.

The theatre was alot smaller than I thought however everything was in good condition inside. We were told we had great seats and we thought that they wernt that far back however we were at the back and got abit of a shock lol! However it didnt matter as we still seen everything clearly.

The only problem was that when you were going to the toilet or was buying a drink and snacks you had to queue in small corridors which was very crushed. I would think that wheelchair users would find it very difficult to get around in this theatre.

There was a good sound system, you could hear the characters clearly and there was a great atmosphere in the theatre, it was buzzing! You were warned at the start of the show that you were not allowed to take photographs or use any recording devices during the show and seemed quite strict on this policy.

The staff were friendly and helped us to find our seats. It was all in all quite expensive (cost us $180 each) but it was worth it to see a broadway show.