Children Art Museums

Children are naturally restless and curious. However, this does not mean they are unable to come to some level of appreciation of art galleries and museums. As long as only an amount of time that is reasonable for a child is spent in the museum and the child’s interest is actively engaged throughout the visit, they will quickly learn to appreciate and even to enjoy art galleries and museums. The imagination of children cannot be matched, and stimulating it with visits to local museums can only serve encourage the development of their creativity.

In order to keep a child’s interest, encourage one of the most natural aspects of their young minds: their intense curiosity. As you approach a painting or a sculpture, ask them questions about it. Questions which may spark them to answer with a story or anything more than one line will encourage them to look more intently at the artwork and to explore it more than they ordinarily would.

If you are looking at a landscape, perhaps ask them “What type of creatures do you think live in this area?” If you are looking at a still life, perhaps inquire “If you were sitting at that table, what would you do?” If you are looking at a portrait, perhaps ask “Why do you think that person looks so sad?” or “What do you think was the greatest thing that person did in their life?” Sculptures may be a particularly good basis for questions, as often children can walk around the sculpture and explore it a bit more than they may be able to with a painting.

It may take a bit of prodding to get some children interested, but they will most likely come to view these questions as a sort of game, and will be eager to not only look at the artwork, but to move along and to pick out the art that they think has the greatest potential for them to create stories about. They may also begin to ask you questions about the artwork, so be prepared to create your own stories. Any creative, fun story that you make up regarding a piece of art will surely serve to inspire your child.

Through this interactive experience at the museum, children will begin to form their own appreciation for certain types of artwork and you may begin to notice trends in what types of work they are choosing. Use this knowledge about their preference in artwork to choose what museums and galleries you later take your child to see. Before you know it, you may have a young art aficionado accompanying you from museum to museum.