Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas Hottest Dice Games

There are thousands of dice games providing hours of enjoyment. Narrowing the list down to the hottest dice board games this season for Christmas gifts has been made easy.

Here are the top five hottest dice board games:

~Sequence Dice

Sequence Dice is for two to four players ranging in age from 7 to adult. Sequence is about strategy and chance making it fun for children and for adults.

There is a small board game and colored chips. The object of the game is to place five pieces in a row. Will the roll of the dice, players make special moves, and shift opponent’s pieces while having tons of excitement.


This game is for ages 10 and older. Dicerun is a wild competition where 30 dice-runners compete. At the end of the four stages of the race, there’s always a winner. Players use game cards while trying to reach secret targets during each lap of a race.

Two to six players will have hours of fun with DiceRun.

~Easy Come Easy Go

Easy Come Easy Go is an easy game to play in 15 quick minutes. Two to four players ages eight and older try to collect three prizes. But players must keep all three prizes until the beginning of their next turn.

But the prizes come easily and go quickly; so the first person to keep all three prizes until their next turn wins the game.


For a quick 15-45 minute dice game, Diceland provides the unique challenge and loads of fun. Two players ages 10 and older build a scenario. With 40 dice, players decide how to play their own game.

The object of the game is to gain possession of Diceland while eliminating all adversaries or finishing with the highest score. Meeting all levels of difficulty, Diceland has add-ons, scenarios, hints, alternative, special rues, and material to enhance each game.


Zip! Dice Game is a fast game of shaking, rolling, moving dice as quickly as possible. The faster players roll, the quicker they have a chance to win.

Players roll their dice, keep any dice aside, and re-roll the rest trying to be the first to roll the correct combination and move around the board.

Zip! can be enjoyed by two to four players, children eight and older, and adults of all ages.

Other types of dice games that are all-time favorites include Farkle, Yahtzee, Greed, Phase 10 Dice Game, and Liar’s Dice.

Dice board games this Christmas include some of the most entertaining activities. Giving the gift of one of the five hottest dice games is sure to bring any recipient hours of fun.