Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas Hottest War Games

Christmas is nearing and gifts need to be purchased. For the war gamer on your Christmas list buying one of the hottest war board games this year will certainly entertain.

~Battle Cry

Battle Cry is a simple yet challenging two player game. Taking less than an hour to play, players can easily play two or three games in one sitting.

Battle Cry has players simulating basic civil war tactics while creating recreations of battles. Game cards help create a unique game each time Battle Cry is played. Battle Cry has players choosing the side of the Union or the Confederacy and battling the course of the Civil War.

Younger children will find Battle Cry easy enough to grasp the concept and play while teenagers and adults still find the game challenging and enjoyable.

~Risk 2210 AD

Risk 2210 AD is an advanced version of Risk with more strategic game play. Two to five players ages 10 and older can enjoy this interestingly fun game.

In the new world, players have to see who will be the new world leader. This futuristic game takes players into a military strategy for worldwide domination. Players must be skillful, plan ahead, and strategize to marshal their forces and enlist commanders.

Adding complexity to the original game of Risk, Risk 2210 AD is a balance between fairness and fun for each player. Any Risk fan, will truly enjoy receiving this board game for Christmas.

~Axis and Allies Europe

Axis and Allies Europe is a game for clever and masterful planning of those who love a challenge. The original Axis and Allies has been played and enjoyed by war gamers for almost two decades and continues to remain one of the hottest war board games.

For ages 12 and older, Axis and Allies Europe can be played with two to four players providing hours of fun while battling. Players battle to win the war. Battling to occupy Germany, Great Britain, United States, or Moscow, players initiate military maneuvers, perform intelligent economic strategies, and play a powerful game of politics.

If the original Axis and Allies was loved by a war gamer, Axis and Allies Europe is a gift which will also be enjoyed.

All time favorite war games will always enjoy receiving the gift of Risk, History of the World, or Diplomacy. Providing war board gamers with lots of fun, these games continue to be some of the hottest items on Christmas gift lists.

If you want to purchase that special holiday gift, getting one of the hottest war board games this year will make the war gamer extremely happy.