Christmas 2009 best Action Figures

Christmas can be a magical time for children as they look forward to some time of from school and a visit from Santa Claus. They will spend their time in the run up to the big day itself dreaming of what presents they will get and there is a great choice out there of toys and games. Action figures are a popular present and some of the popular ones for 2009 will include the following.

Twilight Barbie Action Figures

Barbie is an ever popular figure maker and this year they have come out with action figures of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. The books and movie in the Twilight series have been extremely popular with youngsters over the last few years. They tell the story of a girl who meets and falls in love with a vampire. Barbie has produced figures of the two main characters and these will be one of the hottest toys of 2009. Twilight has proved to be popular and there will be many kids who want these figures.

GI Joe

GI Joe is a well known figure but a movie which came out in 2009 should add to the popularity this year. The movie has GI Joe as a special operations unit with a number of characters and action figures are available for some of these with an array of accessories. These include armored vehicles, aircraft, special suits and much more. This one will be popular with boys but there are also female action figures so girls may get into it as well.


This is another movie franchise that has spawned many great action figures and toys for a number of years. The movies have boosted the interest in these and they will be popular in 2009 as a result of the Revenge of the Fallen which is the sequel to the original Transformer movie. They are separated into 2 categories of the good guy Autobots and the bad guy Decepticons and kids like these because they transform from a robot into a common articles such as cars and aircraft. There are many to choose from and they are a good toy which most kids will have fun playing with.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

These action figures are based on a cartoon in which kids play a battle game with cards not realizing that what they do had an effect on an alternate universe called Vestroia. The action figures depict many of the characters and monsters from the cartoon. The cartoon and the cards are popular with kids who will want to get the action figure for their favorite characters.

Dance around Dora

Dora the explorer is a popular cartoon character for teaching young kids about the world they live in. The Dance around Dora figure comes from one of the episodes which was called Crystal Kingdom. When you touch her necklace Dora dances around and even gives you lessons. This one is for the younger child, many of whom enjoy the animated series and will love to have a Dora to play with.

Ben 10 Action Figures

Ben 10 is an animated TV series which is popular with a lot of kids. It is about a young boy called Ben who has alien powers. They have some great action figures based on the show which are made by Bandai and these will be popular in 2009. Some of these include DNA Alien Big Chill, Humungousaur Defender and Alien Swarm Movie Set.

Action figures make a great Christmas present for kids and the ones mentioned above will be some of the hottest of 2009. Children will certainly enjoy playing with them.