Christmas Gift Ideas best American Girl Dolls for Tween Girls

Tween girls are not too old to receive an American Girl doll for Christmas. Young ladies in this age group are notoriously finicky and know exactly what they like. They are also extremely paranoid of acting babyish, so they may not be declaring to the world that they still play with dolls. The two main criteria for dolls for a tween are that they must be stylish and they must come with cute accessories. American Girl makes several dolls that meet these standards. Here are a few to consider:


Julie is the most modern of the American Girl historical characters. She lives in the year 1974 and everything about her is appealing to tweens. She has funky vintage style clothing, furniture, and accessories. She is an activist and an athlete. Nothing about this doll or her books suggests that she is babyish in anyway. She is the smart, hip, trend setter that most tween girls want to be. To see for yourself, go to and check out all the activities girls can do on-line associated with this character. Chances are she is the perfect choice for your 8-12 year old’s picky sense of what is cool.


American Girl has started making a doll that they call “the girl of the year”. Nikki was this girl for 2007. They will stop selling her at the end of this year and come out with a new doll to be the girl of 2008. The great thing about Nikki is that she lives in the now. She is from 2007 and her outfits and books reflect this. Tweens will love her because she is so pretty and has some really cool ranch style clothes. She lives in Colorado and loves skiing, horses, and the outdoors. The other appeal about Nikki is that she is a limited edition. Your tween might feel really special to have a doll that all her friends won’t be able to get. If you’re thinking about getting Nikki for this Christmas you may need to do some serious maneuvering. She is already sold out on-line.


These dolls are a neat gift to tweens, a farewell to childhood of sorts. Imagine her joy in opening up the present of a doll that has her eyes, hair, and skin tone that is dressed in her style of clothing! Just Like You Dolls communicate to tweens the message they need to hear so much: You are beautiful. Some tweens may want to go all out and buy matching outfits for themselves and their doll. Others who might not want to get that into it will still appreciate a Just Like You doll sporting an outfit that goes along with their particular interests. Is she a dancer, martial arts student, or soccer player? These dolls can come dressed like this or in pajamas or fancy evening clothes. Being able to customize a Just Like You doll means you can pick exactly the kind of ensemble you know she will love.


Tweens are like grown women when it comes to loving accessories, and American Girl has no shortage to choose from. You can buy all kinds of furniture to give her doll its own living space. There are hundreds of outfits that she can mix and match and spend hours having fashion shows. Girls love little animals, why not pick out a pet to go with her doll? Even the pets have clothes, she’ll love this. It gets even more intricate because you can buy little sets of cakes or food for the dolls that look good enough to eat.

Tweens might not play with American Girl dolls the same way their little sisters would, but they still like arranging all the accessories and outfits. Just having the doll around to fidget with when she gets bored or sad will be a much welcomed distraction from the confusion and pain of growing up. Tweens like to protest loudly about how mature they actually are, but secretly they still adore the things of childhood. The right American Girl doll can enable a tween to enjoy being a girl without violating her sense of wanting to seem more grown up.