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Best dolls for a baby

* Birth to Three Months *

– Soft Doll Rattles created by Kaplan Learning these come in a set of three a purple, blue and yellow one all 8 inches tall and have a rattle built inside, they are soft and very cute for only $9.99 for all three. Perfect for a baby girl or boy’s first doll.

– My First Baby from the collection of Madame Alexander – Is so sweet all dressed in blue. She is one of six in the Nursery Collection. Available at most department stores for $14.99.

– My Dolly by Gund – This adorable little pink and yellow clothed miss matched doll is a gem she’s soft and squishy and perfect for any baby up to three months of age. There is a whole collection of dolls by Gund so as baby grows so can her dolls. Price is $ 10.99

* Three Months to Six Months *

– Joanna Musical Doll – This soft little one will sing your baby a lullaby. She’s a sure thing for only $12.99.

– Sleeping Baby – This little sleeping beauty is securely attached to a fluffy pillow and has a silky purple blankie attached to her hands. Makes a nice nap time friend for only $9.99.

– Rainbow Baby – A small soft little rainbow colored doll to brighten their day for $7.99.

* Six to Nine Months *

– My Friend Emily – A very colorful doll with three attached toys a spinner on her tummy a triangle on her head and 2 connected circles with a small rattle attached to her wrist. She’s soft and only 12 inches tall and is sure to delight any baby starting to discover new objects. You buy her at any department store for $9.99.

– Little Princess Baby – This darling little doll has a soft body and a vinyl head her eyes close when she is laid down and open when she sits up. Her bodies (clothes) are a pale green and she costs $ 8.99 at most department stores.

– Flower Baby- Is wearing a flowered outfit and has a big colorful flower in the center of her body that spins around. Great to help with the little ones fine motor skills and he cost $14.99 at Toys R’ Us.

* Nine to Twelve Months *

– Miss Rose Cloth Doll – Is 9 inches tall and soft with a vinyl face dressed in pink and perfect for a baby this age to snuggly with and carry around. She’s only $7.99 at Target.

– Musical Glow Worm – Not really a doll but a real nice “baby” for a little one. The worm glows in the dark and plays a lullaby. Sold almost everywhere toys are sold for $14.99

– Snuggle Rag Doll – Is a 12 inch rag doll with purple hair and extra big feet. She’s so ugly she’s cute! Online she costs $19.99

* One Year to Eighteen Months *

The dolls for this age group are unlimited but here’s a few of my daughter’s favorites.

– Learn Teddy – A teddy bear doll that has shoes to be tied, Velcro to open and close big secure buttons to work with and a plastic zipper to zip and unzip. There are many dolls like this available what makes this on special is the size everything is extra large for the little hands. On line at he cost $29.99

– Learn-To-Dress Emma – Is another great doll to help the baby with motor skills she with her bright yellow hair and red star dress she has one shoe to tie and on the Velcro and even a belt to adjust. Amazon has her for $24.99

– Baby Alive – Also fits into this age group with her soft giggly vinyl body she is just fun to play with. Price $ 19.99

There are hundreds of dolls available for the eighteen month and up range. They all do something different and most come with an assortment of extras such as; bottles, blankets, extra clothes, pacifier and even there very own teddy bear.

Always be sure to check the age suggestion when shopping for a doll for a baby. And use your best judgment if your baby is a sucker or chewer some “age appropriate” dolls may not be appropriate for them. Enjoy the doll shopping years they end all too soon!