Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas…its a favorite holiday for young and old alike, and what better way to help your child celebrate the season than a Christmas party for him or her, and their friends. With great food, festive decorations, and these fun games your child and their friends will be sure to be thrilled with your holiday celebration!

Wrap the Present:
This game will require the children being split up into groups of 2 or 3, and there are just a few basic requirements; several rolls of wrapping paper, tape, and a few bows. You will need 1 roll of paper, 1 roll of tape, and 1 bow for each team. Once the teams have been selected have them choose who in the team will be the wrapper(s) and who will be the present. Thats right, one of the kids are the present! The object of the game is for the wrappers to wrap their “present” completely and snugly while he or she remains standing up, taped well and secure, and finished off with a bow at the top, leaving just the child’s face out. Count down till wrapping begins, and the first team to finish wrapping their present wins!

Bulb Toss:
This game is played the same as hot potato but instead of the potato you will use a Christmas tree bulb. Wrap it snugly in tape in case of accidental breaks, and be sure to pointedly tell the children not to squeeze it or handle it roughly. Play some Christmas music and have the children sit in a circle and pass along the bulb as the music plays. When the music stops whoever is holding the bulb is out of the circle. Continue until only one child remains- the winner!

Santa’s Sack:
At some point all children have played the fish game, where you drop the fishing line into a set up fish pond and pull out a prize, and the Santa’s sack game is based on this concept. Each child takes a turn reaching into Santa’s sack and retrieving their prize. Fill the sack with little, inexpensive prizes and have them individually wrapped to add to the joy of getting it!

These are just a few of many great games that can be played at a Valentines party. As shown, many traditional party games, regardless of the theme of it or what occasion it is intended for, can be revised and mixed up to suit a different theme or occasion. Get creative and mix some up! The end result will be a Christmas party that your child will remember for years to come, and quite possibly a new and cherished family tradition.