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Classic Board Games for Family Fun

Classic board games continue to entertain families and friends. They also inspire board game designers to take their basic gameplay in a whole new direction. When it comes to classic board games there are few basic game styles that show up time and time again.

Following the Path

Many classic board games follow a simple formula: tokens begin on a starting point and each player tries to be the first to move their token to the end of the game board. Of course, the path from start to finish is not that straight forward. There are generally many pitfalls along the way. Your token may lose turns or be sent backward many times along the path toward the final square. There are usually rewards as well, which can quickly set you ahead of the rest.

For young kids, these “follow the path” style games include popular classics like Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. As children get older, they graduate to games like Mousetrap, Sorry! and The Game of Life. There are also many specialty games, designed for a variety of ages and skill levels, which are based on this classic board game design.

Word Games

Though the game play can be very different from one word game to the next, it’s easy to see why they fall into one category. Word games are, quite simply, games that play with words. These games usually have each player forming their own words or finding words in a preformed grid. These games are educational, as they help build vocabulary and spelling skills, but they are also fun.

The most popular classic word games are easily Scrabble and Boggle. Each of these games has a basic style that has been modified and reused in a variety of new board games. These games, and others like them, are also available in “Junior” editions designed for younger children.

General Knowledge

It’s no doubt that Trivial Pursuit is the classic board game that set the standard for all following trivia games. By using a wide spectrum of general knowledge, players advance by answering questions on a variety of subjects. However, Trivial Pursuit was not the only classic board game to capitalize on general knowledge. In the classic game, Go to the Head of the Class families compete to answer questions from multiple skill levels and be the first to make it from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade.

Classic general knowledge games have inspired many new board games. There are now dozens of varieties of Trivial Pursuit, as well as many similar trivia games that use DVDs to include audio and video clips into the questions. Are You Smarter than a Fourth Grader and Jeopardy! are general knowledge game shows that are also available as popular board games.

Games that Go On, And On

While some classic games are good for a quick after dinner game, others can last all night-or even over the course of days. Two classic board games known for their length of play are Monopoly and Risk. These games may seem very different on the surface, but they both require developing long-term strategies. In Monopoly, your goal is to own enough property to bankrupt the other players. In Risk, your goal is to conquer all of the other players’ countries. It takes time, and planning, to accomplish either goal.

Whatever the style, classic board games set the foundation for years of gaming to come. Look at any new board game today and you are likely to see elements of your favorite classic games.

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