Claude Monet

Claude Monet was born on the 14th of November in the year 1840, in Paris. At the age of 5 he moved away with his parents to the port town Le Havre. Studying was something he was not good at. He preferred the painting at the harbor. While he was sitting in class, he was drawing caricatures of his teachers. He failed to impress his teachers positively.
At the age of 15, Claude Monet made a living of drawing caricatures and his work became popular very fast all around the town. Slowly but surely, his portraits ended up for sale in shops. Unfortunately his father did not like this. Claude was not interested in his grocery shop and his dad had the opinion that Claude was a shame for the family, because he did not have any reasonable education.
Claude got discovered by Boudin who saw his drawings in a shop. First he was not a believer of “learn to paint” that was advised by Boudin. But Boudin kept on urging and convinced Claude to do a study on the academy of art in Paris. He got to know different artists and finished his study at the academy too.
After a period of painting in Paris and Le Havre, he got married with Camille Doncieux in the year 1870. After their honeymoon, Monet went to England, because war started between France and Prussia. He probably moved to England because he was scared he would have had to serve in the army. His wife Camille came along with him. In England, he painted together with Pissarro his first paintings of England.
After the war (which ended in the year 1872), Monet and his wife went back to Paris and settled down in Argenteuil. While he was in Argenteuil, Monet painted approximately 170 paintings. He got himself a workshop boat so he was able to paint outside on the Seine. On the Seine, a lot of sailing races were held which gave him a lot of inspiration. In the year 1878 he moved again, but now he moved to Vétheuil. He befriended the rich Ernest Heschédé and his wife Alice. When the Heschédé’s business bankrupted, Monet disappeared and left his wife and children behind. One year later his wife Camille died because of tuberculosis.
Monet travelled around France and Italy and was making paintings everywhere. At last, he returned back to the country sides near Paris. This happened in the year 1891. He bought a house in Giverny and started painting. At this period he made a series of popular paintings, The Haystacks. A year later, he made a series of paintings, The Rouen Cathedral. Al this time he kept writing letters to Alice. In the year 1892 Ernest died and Monet got married to Hoschédé-Raingo on the 16th of July. At this period Monet gained world fame and he earned very good money. He moved to Norway, Venice and London, but his home base stayed in Giverny.
In the year 1911 Alice died after a period of a chronic sickness which lasted for 2 years.  Monet isolated himself and didn’t see anyone for weeks, but he continued painting. A good friend of his ordered a large amount of big wall-paintings. They were intended as a gift to the government. This activity kept Monet busy until his death. When the war started, 3 of his sons died. His stepdaughter (the widow of his oldest son) took care of him. On the 15th of October an official announcement was made that Monet will give 12 paintings to the government.
In the meantime, Monet was already suffering from an eye illness for 9 years and it was hard for him to see anything. But he continued painting as long as he was able to. After 2 operations, he was able to see better and made more paintings. But he was not happy with his paintings, because of his own high requirements and so he burnt them. This was a disaster for the art.
On July 1926, he lost his eyesight and became blind. He got so weak that he needed to stay in bed. Claude Oscar Monet died in the age of 86 in the year 1926 in his own house at Giverny.