Collecting Handmade Dolls

When starting a collection of handmade dolls, there are many things to consider. Within the category of handmade dolls, many styles are represented. Choosing to collect one certain style may appeal to you, such as Primitives, a country-style folk art tradition. Others may have a common theme to their collections, like fairies or variations of Raggedy Ann. While many talented artists are creating dolls for the collector market today, dolls have been a popular craft project for centuries. Collecting vintage or antique handmade dolls could be another interesting niche to explore in the doll collecting hobby.

Arts and Crafts fairs will often have a booth or two selling handmade dolls, and offer the chance to interact with the artist who created the dolls. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with doll and teddy bear shows, these gatherings offer the chance to not only find great new dolls for your collection, but to meet other collectors as well. Many sewing and craft expos also feature booths geared toward the makers of dolls, but often offer finished pieces for sale as well. Vintage or antique handmade dolls can be found in antiques shops, flea markets and sometimes even in thrift stores. Tourist areas will also often yield unique handmade dolls for your collection, and make great souvenirs from your travels..

Being able to examine a hand crafted doll up close before adding it to your collection is a nice way to ensure that you’re getting a quality piece, but online markets offer variety and convenience. Sites such as Etsy and Artfire allow artists and crafters to offer their works up for sale, and feature some very talented doll makers. While some art dolls are more figural sculptures than traditional dolls, even dolls made as children’s toys can make for a charming collection. Antique and vintage handmade dolls can also be found on auction sites like Ebay, and in many specialized web shops. Before purchasing a handmade doll from an online seller, be sure to read over the description and all the available information to ensure your happiness with your purchase of course, but generally it’s much safer than it used to be to purchase from private sellers.

Whether your budget allows for exquisite dolls by known artists or you’re limited to thrift shop finds, letting others in your life know about your collection is a way to share your enjoyment. Whether you find an eager audience for your display or not, knowing that someone collects something makes gift shopping easier. Perhaps you’ll find that your friend would like to show you the doll their great grandmother made when she was a girl. The most important part of collecting handmade dolls to love what you collect. Enjoy your dolls, display them proudly and don’t be afraid to tell people about your fun hobby