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Collection Dolls Authentic Fabric Dolls Baby Dolls Cabbage Patch

Collecting dolls is a great hobby.  Some people collect Porcelain dolls, japanese dolls, Barbie dolls, fashion dolls, celebrity dolls, bobble head dolls and the list goes on.

My personal choice for doll collecting is the Cabbage Patch doll. Why, you may ask? It is simply because the doll has a resemblance of a baby.  It is also soft and huggable.  It reminds me of a time in my life when life was simple and happy. When I was free to run and play with my friends without wandering if someone was lurking around the corner with evil in mind.  I started collecting these Cabbage Patch kid (dolls) to remember good times. I think everyone should have a hobby that makes them happy, just like mine.

I want you to know a little about collecting Cabbage patch dolls.

When collecting Cabbage Patch dolls we must first determine how old the doll is or which ‘doll era’ did it come from.

The first Cabbage Patch dolls were created by Debbie Moorehead and Xavier Roberts in 1978. They were made solely of fabric and sold at local craft stores and later at Baby land General Hospital in Cleveland. Toy manufacturer Coleco was attracted by the dolls and mass produced their version using large vinyl heads with hair made of wool and cloth bodies in 1982. Hasbro took over the rights to produce in 1988 and Mattel purchased the rights in 1994.

During the Mattel years the dolls were sold with birth certificates and were basically 14” or smaller.

Toys R Us bought the rights in 2003 and produced dolls 20”as kids and 18” as babies all having vinyl heads and fabric soft bodies. Recently the some dolls were made all vinyl and with comb-able hair.

Cabbage Patch dolls also came with clothing, real life diapers and a license. In the 1992 US Olympics the dolls were used as mascots. Recently for the US General Elections the dolls were also depicted as presidential candidates Obama and Mc Cain as well as the vice presidential candidates.

Some parodies of the Cabbage patch dolls (kids) were the Garbage Pail Kids and Lettuce Head Kids.

It is well known that History plays an important part when collecting which is why I have chosen to give you a brief history on the dolls.

When collecting, please check for age, design, size and durability.  You will better be able to determine how authentic your Cabbage Patch doll is. If you happen to have a limited edition on doll such as those made for the olympics or presidential candidates, you can be sure you have a legitimate collection.

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