Comics Collection Hobby Archie Comics Childhood

      Comics?  If you’re reading this then you’re starting off on the right foot.  If you are at a bookstore or book sale and you are browsing through the comics area, then you are interested in comics.  Ready to start your collection?  Know first what interests you.

      Ask yourself:  “Do I like super heroes?  Do I like Japanese cartoons?  Am I into children’s comics?”  Firstly, if you are asking yourself this question then that means you are still tinkering around with the idea of having a collection.  Because if you know, you know. No need to ask.

      When I was around 9 to 10 years old, I was instantly attracted to seeing an Archie digest on a shelf.  I grabbed it and could not stop reading it.  After that very first encounter with Archie comics, I have been looking for it.  In the next years of my young life, every time I would be at a bookstore or sale, I would buy myself any copy of Archie.  That is how it all started for me.  I was hooked and couldn’t get out of it. 

      Over the years, I have been collecting Archie digests.  The comics I’ve had on what little of it got flooded some years ago.  Up till now, I still find it mind boggling on how Archie cannot decide between Betty and Veronica.  If you are going into comics collection, your interest has to be there all the time.  Once it fades away, your collection hobby would dwindle away later on. 

      Going into collection as a hobby would require that you have a budget for it.  You would feel that you want to buy food and eat but the hunger you have in buying for your collection would take over.  It is like having the feeling of not wanting to buy anything else but your collection.  It is basically an addiction to what you love.  Some may find it really strange on why people have collections as a hobby.  It is what you love.  As long as you are not stealing or anything, then you’re good.  It is a hobby and hobbies are meant for you to enjoy.  It simply makes you feel good.

      Once you are reeled into collecting comics, you would have the need to buy limited editions.  Keep yourself updated on what’s going on with the comics world that you are into.  Like with Archie, when they added new characters such as Cheryl Blossom, I just had to find out who she was!  When Jughead had his baby sister, Jellybean, it was such a joyous occasion! Curiosity is part of the collection mania.  You are curious on what is happening and you keep yourself updated.  Your interest is always there.  

     What interests you?  It would be like “Love at first sight.”  Once you see what you like on the shelf, you instantly fall in love with it and just cannot get enough of it.  Have fun with your comics collection!  Most importantly, love what you read.  That is the main purpose of comics, it is for reading as well, not just cartoons.