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Connection between Violence in Video Games and Real Life Violence – Yes

This is one of the topics that can be both a yes and a no. Children, and in fact all of us, tend to concentrate on those things that are most important in their lives. If they are bored and turn to interactive entertainment such as video games, the more violent the game and the longer that they play it, the more this will impact their way of thinking. This naturally doesn’t influence all kids, but a lot of them.

This trend really didn’t start with the current new generations. Games and toys that kids play with have affected kids for a very long time. Long before I was born, two of my uncles were given home made “log trucks”, and a third was given books…different subjects and including bibles. This wasn’t due to interests they’d expressed, but because of what was available for a family just coming out of the depression years. Interestingly, the two uncles that received log trucks went on to become log truck drivers, one of them owning the largest wildcat logging company in Oregon, while the uncle that got the books and the bibles ended up becoming a teacher and later was ordained.

When I was young, my father was a very successful and knowledgeable heavy equipment operator. I had an interest in following in his footsteps. But the toys that I played with were books. I ended up in a much more technical field, and still have a huge love for science, math, and related areas. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’ve seen this so many times with so many kids to become convinced that the focus of their attention greatly influences them and how they act later in life.

There is a flop side, though. If the main focus is on other things, or better still, on their family, then the answer would be no. This points out a current shortcoming in too much of our country…we don’t spend enough time with our kids to become a focus. But those parents that manage to do it, usually end up with less violent, better adjusted kids when those children enter adulthood.

So maybe we should as ourselves instead, “How can I prevent having the violence in video games contributing to real life violence?” I truly believe that the answer is pretty plain. We need to become a much bigger part of our kid’s lives. Easy? No. Worthwhile? Oh, you betcha!

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