Creating Effective Artwork from your Photographs

Creating effective artwork from your photographs.

Sometimes just putting a frame around a photograph makes it into artwork. There are techniques you can apply to elevate your photographs to the level of artwork. Here are some effective ways to create artwork from your photographs:

1. Elevate your photography to the level of fine art during the photography process. Ensure when you are taking the pictures that you attend to color balance, texture, composition of the pictures, lighting, and artistic interest as an artist would when painting a picture.

2. Pay attention to your style of framing. Framing does matter. Elegant framing and matting can elevate a borderline picture to the level of artwork, and mediocre framing can take away from an otherwise artistic photograph in the same manner. Choose matting and frames that enhance your work and it will grab the attention it should from your audience.

3. Have your photographs professionally printed. Find a printer who will work with you. It’s best if you calibrate your computer monitor to correspond with that of your printer, so you’ll know when you work on a photograph that what you see on your computer monitor is how the picture will look when printed.

4. Some photographers choose to print their photographs on other materials when creating artwork from their photographs. Some have their photographs printed with a giclee process where professional ink-jet printers recreate the photograph on watercolor paper. These are usually a step above the ordinary print. In addition, many photographers are having their photographs printed on canvas and gallery wrapped. This technique turns photographs into paintings and many are hanging in fine galleries throughout the country.

5. In addition to giclee prints and canvas prints, fabric artists have taken to including photographs printed on fabric in their pieces. This combination of these two art forms is very effective in creating artwork from your photographs. In addition to using photographs in fabric art, crafters have for years created effective artwork from their photographs by using them in scrapbooks. These are often used to artistically tell the story of the family, or in some cases, they are used to address a particular topic and become art books.

6. Finally, the artistic treatment of photographs in the digital darkroom will help you create effective artwork from your photographs. Many computer programs allow the photographer to transform their photographs into artwork by applying artistic filters. For example, a sketch filter can be used to turn a photograph into a sketch, or a watercolor filter can be used to make a photograph look like a watercolor painting.

Photography needn’t be just a snapshot of your vacation. It’s easy to create effective artwork from your photographs with just a few extra steps.